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Selecting the right passport case

Updated on September 19, 2011
Vantaggio hand-stained Italian Leather Passport Cover
Vantaggio hand-stained Italian Leather Passport Cover
Dilana Signature Collection Passport Cover
Dilana Signature Collection Passport Cover
Vantaggio hand-stained Italian Leather Hipster Passport Case
Vantaggio hand-stained Italian Leather Hipster Passport Case
Dilana Signature Collection Deluxe Passport/Ticket Jacket
Dilana Signature Collection Deluxe Passport/Ticket Jacket
Dilana Around-the-Neck Travel Document Case
Dilana Around-the-Neck Travel Document Case
Leather Passport Covers in Assorted Colors
Leather Passport Covers in Assorted Colors
Leather Passport Cases in Assorted Colors
Leather Passport Cases in Assorted Colors



Is there any difference in passport cases?  This is a common question asked by the consumer who is taking their first international trip.   In fact, many of these customers are overwhelmed with the variety of different passport cases.  Each of these various styles has a practical purpose, yet not every traveler has the same requirements.  I have provided list of the most common versions to help simplify your selection process.

1.       Passport cover - This model generally has a leather exterior and the interior is designed to allow your passport to slip into the cover, much the same way as a protective book cover.  Each page can be turned without removing your passport from the cover.  However, please keep in mind the customs agent has the authority to ask you to remove the passport from the cover.  Most of these styles have ‘PASSPORT’ embossed on the exterior, which makes this cover rather easy to locate if you have it buried in your handbag, business case, or travel bag.

2.       Passport hipster – This version is quite compact as well and very similar to the basic passport cover, yet marginally larger in width.  The difference is this model generally has multiple card slots to hold your frequent flyer airline cards, baggage claim tickets and a few receipts.  Our most popular version of this model has a currency pocket that is actually large enough to hold your airline tickets if they are removed from the paper jackets provided by the airline carrier.

3.       Flip-up passport case – Here is a model that is very compact.  It is generally only 4.5” in width x 5.5” in height.  Our most popular version is leather on both the exterior and interior.  It holds your passport, has a few credit card slots, and has a flip-up feature which allows you to place your airline ticket in this compartment.  The airline ticket is ultimately folded, yet neatly contained in this compartment, and best of all your ticket is never exposed.

4.       Passport Travel Case/Ticket Jacket – This category covers a broad range of products.  However, what most of these have in common is that they are designed to hold a multitude of travel documents, above and beyond your passport.  The most common models are designed to hold your passport, baggage claim checks, airline tickets, pen, credit cards, frequent flyer cards, hotel cards, foreign currency, and some versions even have a specific compartment for traveler checks.  Finally, most models are large enough to hold your airline tickets without requiring a fold.

5.       Document Case – These are ideal for a serious traveler, or a family of travelers.  If you are traveling with children and responsible for all of their documents.  This version is quite practical, as this case was designed much like the typical gadget or travel bag, yet with specific dedicated compartments for all of your passports, tickets, and travel related paraphernalia.

6.       Around the Neck Document Case – This is not such a bad idea if you tend to misplace all of your important documents.  This has the pockets for your airline ticket, baggage claim checks, frequent flyer cards or hotel cards, passport, and has a full-length zippered pocket to secure any important papers.  Best of all it hangs around your neck, so everything you need as at your fingertips.  

There are many variations of the above listed models, yet I have described the broad categories to help your narrow your search.  This is a product that you may purchase only once in a lifetime, and consequently I recommend that you consider better quality products.  I have another article titled ‘Genuine Leather’ that you should read before making your purchase.  This article will educate you on the subject of various leathers, and how to determine the level of quality.  If you are traveling with your family, and taking several passports, perhaps you might want to consider getting each child a different color passport cover.  This will help you identify which passport belongs to which child.  Fortunately, you can find an entire array of colors in the basic passport cover, and yet the prices can be quite affordable.  I hope I have provided a guideline to assist you when making your passport case purchase, yet it would be my privilege to answer any additional questions.  Travel safe and enjoy your trip!         


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