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Sept. 1, 2012 in LA CA

Updated on September 1, 2012

Hot again today

Greetings, it's been a scorcher here this past month. The last time it was this hot for so many days in a row, it was necessary to get a new air conditioner. Normally in the LA area, it gets cool in the evening, and opening a door and window puts a nice breeze through the house. And at night it's sufficiently cool to need a light covering, even if it's just the top sheet. Lately it hasn't been so. In the shade on the back patio the thermometer still reads over 90.

One of the worst problems with this, is the elliptical out under the tree in the shade. For a few months, it was great, i could put in 20 to 30 minutes a few times daily, not any more. Just stepping outside, I feel like Hansel and Gretal with a blast of heat to my face, and have no desire to work up a sweat with exercise.

This is almost a month now, one of the longest spells anyone who's been here any significant amount of time as an adult can remember with this continuous heat. I've lived 25 years in the LA/Long Beach area, and at this point, wish I lived closer to the ocean. In Boston we walked to the beach almost every day of summer vacation. As kids we never noticed the heat, we were always in the water, the sand or mud. Don't I wish I could walk to the water now, but those homes are soooooooooo expensive, with tiny if not non-existent yards.

Such is life. My ranting is done. Time to publish and go grocery shopping.


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