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Serra da Estrela: Winter Weather & Famous Cheese

Updated on August 30, 2012

Place of geological phenomenon, natural and unique weather, Serra da Estrela is much more than we realize.

It is the meeting point of the fauna, flora and geology, with an altitude of 2,000 meters, in perfect communion with nature.

Ponds of clear water, rocks with colossal forms of animals and healing plants share their imposing flank.

In winter, the mountains dressed in a white blanket of snow and invites to winter sports and the practice of radical activities or outings with family.

When the spring arrives, the remaining vegetation and flowers form a rainbow of life, revealing unsuspected beauties and hidden places. The crystalline water that runs through Serra da Estrela and the sounds of nature invite a few days of peace and contemplation.

Summer offers the freshness of its lakes and provides for long walks or bicycle rides, afternoons fishing or the discovery of interesting historical villages and museums.

And in the autumn, a multicolor dress warm tone that goes from yellow to red, invites us to other adventures.

The local gastronomy lasts all year. With its flavors extracted from nature as fruits and herbs and the unique cooking techniques, the cuisine of the Serra da Estrela occupies a prominent place on the national scene. Delicacies such as the cheese goes beyond Serra da Estrela, long ago the borders of Portugal.

History has also left its mark in Serra da Estrela where the people and customs help to go back in time to retrieve memories and pass traditions.

Go and discover Serra da Estrela, with the charm of the first time or as an old friend reviving nostalgic memories.

Serra da Estrela's Cheese

It is one of the most famous cheeses, not only in Portugal but between lovers worldwide.

Its production follows today's strict regulations and has delimited region in the counties of Nelas, Mangualde, Celorico da Beira, Tondela, Gouveia, Penalva, Fornos de Algordes, Carregal do Sal...

It is produced from sheep's milk, especially between the months of November and March.

It has a distinctive aroma and flavor, smooth and refined, is the delight of any connoisseur.

Depending on their maturation it becomes creamy or more dense.

But it is always a feast for the senses!


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