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Serving Homeless Veterans-Albany Housing Coalition In Albany NY

Updated on September 24, 2014
Albany Housing Coalition/
Albany Housing Coalition/
ahc(left), independent transitional home (center), and family housing (right).
ahc(left), independent transitional home (center), and family housing (right).

Protecting Those Who Served Our Armed Forces

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the organization serving homeless veterans - Albany Housing Coalition Program in Albany, NY have been for many years providing services for the needs of homeless Veterans that served in the United States Armed Forces.

The Albany Housing Coalition provides safe supportive living housing for homeless and disabled homeless veterans in its limited space residences.

There are a small number of affordable apartment living residences for homeless veterans that are transitioning back into the community. They also provide counseling and help veterans seek stable employment.

AHC recently began training mentors across 7 counties in the greater Albany area to work with the VetTrak Treatment Court in the 3rd Judicial District Court System. VetTrak Treatment Court is a program for Veterans who face non-violent criminal charges and are dealing with service related mental health issues, post traumatic stress and substance abuse.

An Unspoken Bond Brings Comfort

Veterans from each branch of the Armed Services including Marines, Army, Navy, Air force, Coast Guard, and National Guard have what can be known as an unspoken bond that is second to none.

No matter the race, color, religion or gender the commitment of having served in the US military can bring veterans together in the form if unity and friendships.

Each man and woman accepted the commitment to serve their country proud with country coming first. Homeless veterans can find comfort talking with other veterans that are willing to help bring back the happiness and joy that they once had from years gone by.

Brothers in Arms speaks for itself and with the shaking of a hand, the acceptance of a hug, or a friendly smile can make the all difference in the world when its coming from one vet to another.

This special bond can not be explained for each veteran had a unique experience while serving in the military and is only felt and experienced among veterans who served. The Albany Housing Coalition in Albany, NY provides such a place for rebuilding life and friendships.

There is a staff of individuals with their primary purpose is to help veterans, homeless veterans and disabled veterans find the available resources that can meet their needs.

Sipping coffee from a box
Sipping coffee from a box

Picking Up The Pieces

Getting ones self back on stable ground after becoming homeless is not an easy page to turn in the book of life and this can take many days, months or years before a new beginning can be started.

Some homeless veterans never turn the page and the final outcome is either prison or death.

Some or most of the homeless veterans don't even know about what services are available within their own communities, villages, towns or cities.

Most of the homeless are only concerned with a hot cup of coffee or a warm bowl of soup to make it through the day searching for a blanket to stay warm in the night to come.

Once a homeless veteran lands safely with a veteran program it is then that the life changing opportunities begin to resurface. Working closely with programs like the AHC homeless veterans program veterans are able to become self sufficient and move on to live productive lives.

As a former homeless veteran myself understanding the struggles that many of our homeless veterans deal with on a daily basis means to me being grateful for having a place to sleep at night and wake up to something to eat.

Homeless Veteran Housing Albany

Albany Housing Coalition Inc.

278 Clinton Ave.

Albany, NY 12210

PHONE: 518 465-5251

FAX: 518 465-6499


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Veterans Helping Veterans
Veterans Helping Veterans

Vets Helping Vets

The numbers are growing for the services available for vets helping vets all across the United States. More are needed in rural communities that span across America.

These services were needed because of the overwhelming increase to the numbers of United States Veterans that after serving in the US military found themselves homeless.

The help that is essential to making it possible for homeless veterans to transition back into the community is sometimes a forgotten saga.

Thanks to the concerns of fellow United States veterans over the recent years and for programs like the Albany Housing Coalition the numbers of homeless veterans have been starting to decline.

At the bottom of this article is a small listing of important links to some of the veteran resources available today.

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A markerAlbany Housing Coalition Inc.Serving Homeless Veterans Since 1993 -
278 Clinton Ave, Albany, NY 12210, USA
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278 Clinton Avenue Albany, NY 12210-1442 (518) 465-5251

B markerNew York State Capital -
Albany, NY, USA
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New York State Capital

C marker Stratton VA Medical Center-Albany, NY -
113 Holland Ave, Albany, NY 12208, USA
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113 Holland Avenue, Albany, NY‎ - (518) 626-5000‎

1 Mile Walk

The Albany Housing Coalition is 0.7 miles from the NY Capitol Building. Public Buses in Albany,NY stop in front of the Capitol and through out the cxity of the capitol region.

The Stratton VA Medical Center-Albany Veterans Hospital is 1.7 miles from the capitol and 1.5 miles from the AHC (Albany Housing Coalition).

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