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Shanghai Travel Information

Updated on October 19, 2016

A booming Chinese city with a great progress in infrastructure, technology, transport and economy, Shanghai is the largest city in China and the most significant industrial and commercial hub of the country. The city is also a prosperous cosmopolitan city renowned in the world. So, if you are in Shanghai for either a business trip or for leisure, Shanghai offers you a marvelous long lasting impression about China in your mind. Great Shanghai style urban life, beautiful city, convenient transportation system and prominent history have made Shanghai an attractive city for tourists from all over the world. In the shadows of glassy skyscrapers in Shanghai, you’ll find teeming Chinese lifestyle in residential laneways, street markets and leafy parks. Along with the rapid development in economy, Shanghai is approaching as the new modern landmark of China and even Asia. The lifestyle of this city is attuned to western cities like New York or London in terms of modernity. It is also the international cultural center of China and has become a popular destination for visitors to experience the vivacious development of the country as well as the pure Chinese culture and history.

Shanghai skyline
Shanghai skyline | Source

Shanghai mixes east and west

Shanghai is an intriguing mix of east and west. It has historic houses with the blend of western and Chinese traditional design. Shanghai has one of the richest collections of art Deco buildings in the world. Shanghai boasts all these traditional constructions as well as the new top notch modern buildings and a wonderful mix of cosmopolitan culture and lifestyle. The city is the leading trendsetter in fashion, design and the arts and the best city in the country for dining, shopping and exciting nightlife.

Shanghai is always an enjoyable destination to visit. The business waterway - Huangpu River, a branch of the Yangtze River, is lined up with an exhibition of diverse architectures, known as the Bund, is a fantastic attraction for curious tourists. The architectures of different periods and styles such as Gothic, Romanesque or Baroque are standing together harmoniously along the River Huangpu and clearly indicate the rapid development of Shanghai as an attractive tourism and commercial center in the world. Shanghai showcases nicely the old structures of the Bund area on one side of the river and the futuristic new city skyline Pudong on the other side. Shanghai is your destination for exploring a boastful cosmopolitan culture being carried by the people of China for centuries. In Shanghai, there are numerous mansions, garden estates, clubs and cathedrals built by Westerners a century ago is scattered throughout the city, side by side you will discover the latest infrastructural marvels build in the city to facilitate the urban life of the locals and foreign visitors. Movie fans will be excited to know that Shanghai is a popular location to shoot films and there are plenty of classic locations scattered in Shanghai to shoot movie scenes. A number of Hollywood blockbuster movie scenes have been shot in Shanghai, including James Bond film “Sky Fall” in 2012. So, Shanghai obviously has something attractive for not only travelers but also for movie makers, merchants and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

A markerShanghai -
Shanghai, China
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Shopping Paradise Shanghai

Shanghai offers a wide range of shopping options that perfectly match with the taste and budget of any traveler. Countless boutiques, bustling markets and bazaars, top class shopping malls and departmental stores, world famous latest brands and wonderful shopping environment throughout the city has collectively created Shanghai a shopping paradise in China.

Enrich your souvenir collection by purchasing exquisite Chinese silk and embroidery, ceramics and porcelain, paintings and wood carvings from Shanghai’s creative boutique and designers’ shops that make highly coveted keepsake of your Shanghai stay.

The city is full of shops and malls selling everything you can imagine. From fashion and accessories to latest gadgets and innovative toys, Shanghai brings you all these in your hand conveniently.

Yuyuan shopping area
Yuyuan shopping area

Stunning night scene and lively nightlife in Shanghai

One of the main highlights of Shanghai city that linger in visitors’ mind is the gorgeous and colorful night scene of the city. As night falls, the entire city lit up with eyecatching lighting and start dancing on the wall of the skyscrapers of the city. These fabulous lights all over the city give a sleek look of the whole city.

Like these colorful lights, Shanghai nightlife is even more exciting and enduring that can keep someone awake till dawn. It has a diverse cultural flavor with plenty of shows and performances in cinemas, operas and theaters. There are also a strip of night clubs and bars in the most happening areas of the city where you can enjoy an ecstasy night until the sun comes up.

Shanghai attractions

Shanghai is mostly attractive for its diverse cultural mix and thriving lifestyle. The new Shanghai skyline at Pudong makes your travel photography rich and vivid. Stroll along the Bund and explore the French colonial landmarks or visit Shanghai Science & Technology Museum and an insight of Shanghai’s technological strength. You may also indulge yourself in a nearby ancient town and discover the old picture of the city.

Don’t miss to visit:

The Bund: Situated on the east bank of the Huangpu River, the Bund is the icon of Shanghai. New financial and commercial buildings as well as the grand colonial structures cluster along the Bund. The riverside promenade has been constructed newly with eateries, sculptures and binoculars to watch the Pudong skyline. After sunset, the Bund is packed with visitors to take snaps of the most iconic landmarks of Shanghai and enjoy the magnificent Huangpu river scene. Stroll along the Bund area, spend some time photographing the picturesque Shanghai, take a boat ride or simply sip a drink on the promenade and enjoy a wonderful evening in Bund to remember forever.

The Bund area
The Bund area

Nanjing road: Nanjing road is not only a shopping street, but also a public gathering place for celebration and entertainment. This pedestrian road stretches over 5 kilometers and visited by about 1.7 million people each day. This is the most happening place in Shanghai where you can enjoy not only shopping but also street performances, sightseeing tram ride and delicate food.

Bustling Nanjing street
Bustling Nanjing street

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum: Shanghai is the birthplace of digital extravaganza in China. Shanghai has the pride of many technological wonders of China such as the superfast train Shanghai Maglev Train. So, a visit to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum can surely be added in your Shanghai itinerary. This is the most significant public venue for scientific education and one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Shanghai. It exhibits the achievements and innovations of scientists around the world as well as hundreds of interactive activities. It houses permanent themed exhibition areas, high-tech digital cinemas and IMAX theatres. The museum also holds temporary scientific exhibitions, scientific interactive programs, science lectures and science training programs and many other programs periodically.

Besides these, you can also add the following attractions in your Shanghai trip itinerary:

  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  • Jin Mao Tower
  • World Financial Center
  • Yuyuan Garden
  • Shanghai Museum
  • Xin Tian Di
  • Jade Buddha Temple
  • Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
  • Qibao Ancient Town
  • Longhua Pagoda & Longhua Temple


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