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Shanghai Sightseeing City and Atmosphere

Updated on August 23, 2010

If one intends to go shanghai sightseeing it would be remiss not to mention the shanghai expo, but that is not all there is to shanghai and there are many parts of its atmosphere that definitely deserves sampling and exploration. Shanghai as a city relishes the attention that the world lavishes on it, part of which may possibly include you.

The people there are used to being an object of interest, and loves the attention lavished. There are however tensions between shanghai and the rest of the country but that is a matter of separate discourse. Its people while united under the expo, does share disagreements over certain drawbacks and backlashes that has led to some form of activism.

Two years back, the urban chinese amongst shanghai residents tried to stage a series of protests to block plans that would extend the maglev train, also known as magnetic levitation trains. With a total population of 19 million, you can be sure that they definitely have plenty of things to say! It has the highest per capita GDP of any provincial china city.

Now the shanghai expo is an extravaganza, like the world fairs of old. Fully embraced by China as they they did with the beijing expo, 5 square kilometers of land south of Shanghai's downtown has been dedicated to over 100 pavilions around the world. It also gives chinese people a chance to 'go abroad' without applying for a passport.

It is suspected that Shanghai has spent as much as $58 billion on the project according to local media there. The authorities expanded the subway and added a new terminal to the airport, with 3 years spent redoing the bund, have underground roads and greatly widening its waterfront walkway. The bund is of course a famous sightseeing spot.

A sizable number of cities have been demolished in order to allow new growth, although there are some areas that still remain more or less preserved, at least on the outside. One such possibility is Tian zi fang, It tries to keep up shi ku men while filling the place up with shops and restaurants. That is, the old right beside the unwanted new such as Starbucks.

One can also buy limited edition shining silver bullion minted for the occasion.


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