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Shanghai Sightseeing Heritage

Updated on January 10, 2011

Step one foot into Shanghai and you might be one of the many people attracted by the energy found in that city. Like New York in the US, Shanghai provides many sightseeing opportunities for people who come in from out of town. From expats to even fellow countrymen, Shanghai has a place for all, though with T & Cs. It has many other well known areas such as the Bund, a line of early 20th century buildings alongside the river known as Huangpu.

Before the 2000s today, one of the landmark epochs in Shanghai was in the 1950s to 1980s. Once a proud city, due to the cutting off of relations from the outside world, Shanghai was displaced by Beijing. And being a shanghainese was for a time something not to be proud of then. Some ended up in US.

That happened as a result of the communist takeover in 1949, which ground every form of foreign commerce with china to a halt. Shanghai, which was just so dependent, suffered greatly as a result. The foreign expatriates fled in hordes immediately and this effectively ended its multi-racial society.

This would be a sharp contrast for the once trading port and fishing village of shanghai, that was before in great prominence just like today, in the early 1920s when the opium war ended. Forced to open by british forces, investments from the western world poured in then to turn it cosmopolitan.

Today if you go about sightseeing in the city, it could be said to be china's most dynamic and cosmopolitan city. It is finally returning to its century prior status quo of being a global loci of commerce finance and culture. 19 million people in the city trying to balance preserving their history and futures.

You might, if you walk on the streets sightseeing, feel a bit of local identity crisis to see starbucks sited right next beside a stone gate house also known as shikumen. The outside heat during this period juxtaposed with the air conditioned malls. A dynamic mix of things paradoxical and in motion that makes for an intriguing shanghai sightseeing experience.


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