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Shaolin Temple - Attractions 1 in Zhengzhou

Updated on April 27, 2017

Shaolin Temple - Attractions 1 in Zhengzhou

Pattaya is about 7km from the coast but the visitors stepped on Koh Larn atoll like entering a different world. Jade green sea here pierce the bottom with colorful coral reefs and marine life living around it. To enjoy the beauty paradise where you can use diving services if not simply lie on the fine white sand to enjoy the sun and sea breeze or participate in games like: Swipe games, running ca boats, parasailing, ... But note join the game you should ask specific price is baht or dollars to avoid scams offline. Koh Larn Island property to 6 beach, on the island you get yourself a map to go to experience, there are 3 big yards given to be. The island you also do not miss the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood at Island cheap. At night you can look Maharak Café to enjoy music and drinks in space bustle and enjoy the cool sea breeze. Koh Larn Island retains the wild beauty so will suit those who like to explore nature, though the island accommodation services are adequate and good quality to serve tourists.

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Walking Street - Pattaya Walking Street

Landlords: Quarter is located in Soi 13-16 South Pattaya.

Walking Street - Walking bustling street full of food - Picture Post: Location Tour Pattaya

Bustling pedestrian street, day and night, attraction here is definitely a myriad of street food. Just step into the neighborhood, tourists were handicapped experience every cuisine in Pattaya as a "street foods Tour" already. Spread throughout the streets is a wealth of food from seafood to beef, lamb, buffet, traditional dishes of Thailand, ... prepared in many different ways. Guests can spend an evening or lunch on this road to Pattaya's culinary experience and explore a culture section, traditionally characterized here.

Like the popular area with exciting recreational activities so visitors should note preserved furniture.

Pattaya farm Sheep - Sheep Farm

10 tourist destination of Pattaya can not miss

Location: Nong Pla Lai, Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand.

Opening hours: from 9 am to 7 pm

This will cut the sheep farm visitors by heart the "cute cheese sticks" of the scenery and the beautiful sheep, mischievous. Farm is a world of cartoon super adorable with cute little scene with animated characters. The sheep here gentle but quite mischievous. Visitors to travel freely on the farm, was stroking the sheep loves little. Besides, visitors can also transform into a sheep farm owners taking care of sheep, let us eat, drink milk and learn about understanding the reproductive process, processes taking wool. All are extremely special experience for visitors.

Hurricane Foshan - Khau Chee Chan

10 tourist destination of Pattaya can not miss

Pearl paint is protected Buddha Buddha image engraved on the mountain Chichan towel or Khau Chee Chan Pattaya is located 25 km. Figure Buddha measuring 109m 70m high, the lines engraved gold plated Buddha statue dubbed the largest Pattaya are protected by the Royal Thai Navy. Buddha Sakyamuni carved mountainside halfway between heaven and earth with meditating on the lotus. Buddha is not just for visitors, pilgrims pray for good things but also a place where people mind brings sacred blessings to their lands. Baoshan Pearl Buddha recognized that this is one of those works most impressive Buddhist world attracts Buddhists and pagans tourists to visit and photograph as a souvenir to Pattaya.

3D art museum - Art in Paradise

Address: 78/34 Moo 9 Pattaya Sai 2 Rd, right downtown Pattaya.

10 tourist destination of Pattaya can not miss

Art in Paradise Pattaya is considered the first museum and the largest 3D in Thailand later appeared in Bangkok and Chiangmai. With more than 5,800 m2 and an area of ​​more than 200 graphics, with many themes and contents. All are drawn on the screen 3D TVs but vivid as the real world that visitors overwhelmed. The Museum 3D has 6 main topics as: Wildlife, classical art and architecture of Korea, Thailand and Khmer, the land of the pyramids of Egypt ... for visitors to experience and learn about a part of world culture as well as the culture, the history of Thailand. Here, guests are spoiled with a unique visual themes, incarnate in each painting style cartoon funny but still conveys the significance of education in each drawing. Tickets to the museum is 500 baht for adults and 300 baht for children of foreigners.

Tickets are sold popular tours in hotels, and travel agents, but the fare is high. You should buy tickets in Paradise Cheap 3D Art Kite travel through (channel provider Self Cheap Travel in Asia). Detailed information you see here then, at just 160,000 VND / tickets:

Jomtien Beach

10 tourist destination of Pattaya can not miss

Jomtien Beach is located south of the center of Pattaya a hill, away from central Pattaya takes about 15 minutes by bus or taxi (taxi for 10 baht - 20 baht), this is the beach atmosphere quite peaceful, quiet. This beach is one of the place is quite luxurious because of the presence of two famous resorts: Rabbit Resort and Avalon Beach Resort. Besides, the park also has a children's Pattaya Park is suitable for small to families with children playing. This is also the beach convergence lot sea sports such as windsurfing, sailing, skateboarding, swimming, diving sports has equipped steam pipes, snorkeling, ... for those who like to exercise and marine sports enthusiasts.

6km beaches, blue water, white sand where visitors are absolute relaxation. Above is the road that runs parallel to the sea there are a lot of special dishes or fresh seafood to tourists convenient for eating. If anybody needs a beachfront massage can also call massage service at the beach will be a relaxing experience great. Here too there is a sub-name Dongtan Beach, where collections of gay guy to have fun and make friends. Also, here visitors can also shop at the mall recently as buildings high 91 storey Ocean 1 or Zone Jomtien Complex.

Not only during the day, at the Jomtien beach at night is also a very good place to experience. When night falls the beach becomes a lot more exciting than seems peaceful and tranquil day. The beach club bar takes place in the lively, bustling until 2-3 am.

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Pattaya Floating Market domain Four - Four Regions Floating Market

Địa chỉ: 452/304 Mu 12, Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Nong Prue, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chon Buri

Fair opening times: from 9 am to 20h daily

10 tourist destination of Pattaya can not miss

Floating Market domain Four (Four Regions Floating Market) was launched in 2008. The market is an area with successive blocks of the water, a showcase crafts, local food, specialties of four North, Central, South and Northeast of Thailand. Guests here will move by boat crept across the bridge and experience each booth.

Guests will experience the Thai domain 4 from cuisine to architecture of Thai culture in miniature. In particular, the most attractive thing in this market are food, food booths each bring a special flavor experience for visitors. At this point you should not ignore the Pad Thai, kanom krok cake (coconut cake), ... Besides being close to 100 booths souvenirs such as sculptures, silver, paintings, .. with very specific items Thai can be purchased as a gift.

Pattaya Elephant Village - Pattaya Elephant Village

10 tourist destination of Pattaya can not miss

Elephant Village in Pattaya is inhabited by elephants to determine but gentle. Elephant Village opened in 1973, forest elephants age "retirees" are here sanatoriums and frolic with humans. Elephant village to visitors not only have the exciting experience of riding on an elephant, but also contributes to the maintenance of the village to conserve elephants in Thailand.

Elephant Village located in separate places altogether with the noise of the traffic, smog of the city, suitable for those who want to soak up the tranquility of natural search. Village unspoiled beauty but still have full facilities to the guests. Here, visitors can listen to tour guides introducing the elephant village, then will experience elephant riding. You are watching and enjoy the peaceful countryside, wading through deep streams that k is wet or cross the jungle. A day to not only experience the village elephant elephant rides or enjoy the scenery but also peaceful village a chance to learn about the culture of the people here like sightseeing silk weaving village and fruit picking. A tour of the village to identify four-legged friend will give visitors many new experiences as well as learn about a part of the Thai culture.

Elephant's service price: 1.000 to 1.200 baht. Elephant took 600 Bath / ticket. Or attend one tour to the Elephant village at just 850,000 VND / person, and has both take hotel shuttle. Too convenient, right? If you are interested can consult Tour Elephant Village 1 day

Show Tiffany

Address: Pattaya 2nd road, passing through Central Festival.

10 tourist destination of Pattaya can not miss

This is the only show in Thailand was ranked in the top 10 in the world show worth watching magazine TravelCom Magazine. To bring a sustainable brand for 40 years show requires very rigorous in the selection of actors. The first impression when you come to the show that caught the girl that you had to say, "Beautiful ecstatic!" With the seductive curves, porters face lovable and above all capable acting and choreography will make you fascinated during the concert.

With 13 more performances in the show Tiffany you will turn to be held alternately go from surprise to surprise. Guests turn enjoy the repertoire bear the characteristics of each country as a way to travel around the world. Specifically, depending on the volume of visitors to the show that people will adjust repertory staging serves the country's viewers. If you come to the show and suddenly saw the tunic dress Thai girl wearing splendid music and dance traditions of the peoples of both strange and familiar medium. Besides, there are also a lot of unique repertoire from Japan, China, Russia or India, ... Over here, you also get to learn more about the culture of the country Golden Temple through legends, dances, traditional songs ancient talented actors reappear. Ending the Madness concert performances of dancers transformed into two characters at once, you really eyed to not being scammed.

Price show tickets are 600-800 baht / pax depending sitting position. The program takes place in 1 hour 30 minutes. After the show the cast shooting 40baht / person (note small change before). To not queuing to buy tickets, and tickets are bought at high prices, you should book tickets in tickets cheaper standard and ticket counter.

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