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Sheer Beauty and Power: Niagara Falls, Canada

Updated on April 22, 2013
View of the River
View of the River
Botanical Gardens in early Spring
Botanical Gardens in early Spring
Butterfly Conservatory
Butterfly Conservatory

Niagara Falls, Canada, has three faces. It delights its visitors with natural beauty, historical wonders and tourist delights. Yet, no matter why you come there, one feature overwhelms them all – the Falls. In all seasons, the Falls is what everyone comes to see. Its beauty and magnificence makes it the one sight – natural, historical and tourist trap, drawing all eyes.

The Falls

Niagara Falls Canada, allows you to view both American and Canadian falling waters. The American side is home to both the Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls. The Canadian side plays host to the Horseshoe Falls. Although deemed the smallest falls of the three, the Horseshoe Falls is by far the most impressive. Its roaring waters and thunderous drive down the river and over the rocks, makes it the sight of all eyes and cameras. This is true whether you come in the height of the tourist season or in the bleakest of Februarys.

Tourists take snap shops, lovers sigh and even locals wander by. At New Year’s Eve and from May to September 1st, fireworks light up the sky over the Falls. This is icing on the cake. This first time the Falls saw electrical lighting was in 1874. It was not, however, until the formation of the Niagara Falls Illumination Board in 1925, that the Falls began to consistently “light-up” for its visitors. In the slow winter months, watch the ice as it has formed along the river and cracks near the Falls.

Yet, the Falls is not the only natural beauty in and around Niagara Falls. This region is home to a variety of creative and even created scenic sights. Among these is the Niagara River itself.

The River

Drive along the River. Stop and get out to enjoy the misty air. Peer down from the cliffs and view the power of the river as it roils over rocks. You can hike along the river at various points. Some small paths appear off River Road in the parks. Do not, no matter how tempting it is, climb over the barricades to forge your own trail. The cliffs can be treacherous at the best of times. A single misstep and you become part of oblivion.

Take the Niagara Glen hike or go to Dufferin Island. Be sure to wear your hiking shoes and carry a light pack. You can check out the various hiking routes available by going to

Park and enjoy the waters swirling at the Whirlpools. Stare down into the depths. It is free even if you don’t take the ride or the White Water Walk. However, if you want to, simply purchase the inexpensive Adventure Pass. It will allow you a taste of some of the more popular “rides” connected with the Falls.


Niagara Falls is home to a variety of colourful, vibrant gardens. The renowned Royal Botanical Gardens, founded in 1936, covers 44 hectares (99 acres). Trees, flowers and other plants release their fragrance in the air, including some 2,400 roses in the famous Rose Garden. While you are there, be sure to see the Floral Clock. From late in May until the frost withers the blooms, you can see time told through a variety of flowers and vegetation. The clock, built in 1950, is one of the largest in the world. You can find it in the Centennial Lilac Garden.

Come Spring, Summer, Fall and even Winter. Admission is free. But, if it is cold, head to the Butterfly Conservatory. For a small fee, you can enjoy warmth, light, life and beauty. Alternatively, seek out the warmth of the Niagara Parks Greenhouse. It, like the Botanical Gardens, is also free.

Niagara Falls has other Gardens. Some are close to the Falls. Visit Queen Victoria Park. The Oakes Garden Theatre sits at its entrance. Stroll along the river and you will run into other small parks and areas to enjoy the views and nature as well.


Niagara Falls is where the Falls reigns supreme. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, its attractions continue to lure visitors. Once the Honeymoon Capitol of the World, Niagara Falls remains attractive to the newly-weds. Yet, it also has expanded its allure to include all who appreciate the raw power and thundering natural beauty of the Falls and the Niagara River.


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