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Shipping Luggage

Updated on November 27, 2008

No More LOST Luggage!

Okay, I'm hooked. For the first time, I decided to ship my large suitcase. I've had a suitcase lost before, and sometimes (or most times), that just isn't an experience you want to go through. WHAT was in it??? WHAT is really not replaceable??

I needed to go to a 3 day conference, which was scheduled right before my planned vacation. Well, I didn't want to lug around my big vacation suitcase all over - - and risk losing it during the 4 flights I'd be taking to get to my final destination.

I heard about shipping luggage some time ago, and checked out some of the specialized luggage shipping companies. Typically, for a large suitcase (40-50 pounds), I was looking at $80 and up. So I gave up that idea.

A month ago, I bought a new suitcase online, and it was shipped in this wonderful box. So I measured the box and guesstimating a weight of 40-50 pounds again, I went to the UPS / FedEx / DHL websites to price out shipping. All three sites had comparable prices - in the range of $25-28. THAT I could handle!!

So I shipped my suitcase to my aunt's home, and it was there in two days - ground shipping. Another benefit was I didn't have to stand around at the baggage carousel, wondering, will my bag be here??? Since I only had my carryon - I got off my flight and left the building!

When I shipped my bag, I asked "what if I hadn't had this box to match my suitcase?" I was told - no problem - - they'd box it up for me. Also, if you're not shipping to my aunt's house :>} contact your hotel. Most are willing to hold your bag before your arrival.

One caveat - the suitcase HAS to be in a box. If you wanted to ship it just as is, the price jumps considerably. Some won't take it at all without a box. Okay - - - I'll take the box!

I'm planning to ship my suitcase back home, after my vacation. Why not????


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    • HecVille profile image

      HecVille 7 years ago from Texas

      Good info.

      Also, consider not taking a suitcase, but rather just boxing up the clothes and other items you will take. You will have more space in the box, and not be charged for the weight of the suitcase.

    • Woody Marx profile image

      Woody Marx 9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      thanks! Never know when you will need this info. Good to know.