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Shipwrecks in Maldives - Splendid Attractions For The Diver

Updated on March 14, 2016

The Maldives Victory

In 1981 the Victory, a cargo vessel from Singapore loaded with tourist merchandise ran aground and struck the seabed. Although local divers were unable to save its goods, this unfortunate event provided the Maldives with a splendid wreck that has become a diving focal point. This wreck has over the years become crusted with fans and corals which in turn provide a splendid environment for fish and other marine creatures.

The Victory is a rewarding site to explore, providing good visibility that will enable divers to catch sight of creatures like moray eels and scorpion fish. You will also be able to glimpse mantis shrimps, bannerfish and turtles that have made the hull their home. Within the wreck divers will spot cigarettes, bottles and small tiles that are strewn about, the only suggestion that humans once lived within this ship.

Divers will be able to descend into the principal deck of the ship and take refuge from the currents whilst admiring the splendid selection of marine creatures that have taken over this intriguing wreck. You are likely to encounter batfish, big puffers and large groupers, as well as turtles who have taken shelter within the ship. Jacks, fusiliers, hawk fish, soldier fish and lion fish are other creatures to be found in the different parts of the wreck.

Kuda Giri

Kuda Giri is the name given to the artificial reef that has developed around a fishing vessel that capsized some years ago. Situated within the South Male atoll this wreck is an excellent choice for moderately skilled divers who desire to experience a rewarding night-time dive. This site also has the advantage of being accessible at all times of the year.

Divers can explore this fascinating wreck commencing from its bow and descending into the stern of the ship which lies at a somewhat lower depth. You will be enthralled by the vibrant colonies of ocean creatures that reside within the cargo hold, captain's cabin and the machine room.

The actual wreck is encrusted with table and stony staghorn corals in addition to vibrantly coloured sponges. The sunken vessel is inhabited by schools of batfish and glassfish which present an alluring sight for the diver. You will also have the opportunity to encounter creatures such as napoleon wrasse, turtles, trigger fish, jackfish, lobsters, shrimp, blue fin trevally, frogfish, leaf fish and fusiliers within this wreck amongst other marine denizens.

After investigating this intriguing wreck divers may return to the reef so as to explore the 'thilla' with its overhanging soft corals which are inhabited by napoleon wrasse, oriental sweetlips and parrot fish.

Halaveli Wreck

This attractive wreck was intentionally sunk in 1991 by the Halaveli Diving Centre, from which it derives its name. In fact this appealing site was referred to as 'Highly 18'. This wreck may be considered to be well-suited for divers of intermediate levels of ability.

As this wreck has been submerged for a considerable period of time, you will find that the vessel has become encrusted with abundant growths of coral. Divers will encounter attractive soft corals on some places within the wreck. Within the hull of the ship you are likely to observe large moray eels as well as small turtles that have made their home here. Divers may also come across stingrays and groupers that frequent the sandy floor to be found here.

As you experience these fascinating diving attractions a discerning choice of accommodation would be 5 star hotels in Maldives such as Naladhu Maldives. This attractive hotel has its own PADI Dive Centre and is within easy reach of many diving hotspots.

Fesdu Wreck

This attractive wreck is situated within the heart of Ari Atoll which is reputed as one of the Maldives' most renowned diving locations. This protected diving locality is a delight for the diving enthusiast offering many features of interest. The Fesdu is another fishing vessel that was intentionally sunk so as to create an artificial reef. Now this site has been colonized by schools of glassfish, sedately moving lion fish and butterflyfish.

You will find that the ship's engine room has been taken over by red-mouthed groupers, moray eels and blue fin trevally, whilst its bow has been colonized by sizable bushes of black corals. The surfaces of the ship have become lined with soft as well as hard corals and sponges, in addition to feather-stars and tubastrea. The sponges provide sustenance for the numerous nudibranchs that you will find at the site.

Divers will find that the passages at the site are narrow with only a few exit points available. Most divers will choose to circle the wreck and explore its shallow sections prior to moving towards the nearby thilla situated to the west. This thilla is filled with glassfish, soft corals, groupers and moray eels.


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