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Apartments for rent in Minsk vs. hotels in Minsk

Updated on April 8, 2013
apartment rental in Minsk
apartment rental in Minsk

Where to stay in Minsk, Belarus

Visiting places, traveling around the world, what could be more beautiful in this life? It's hard to say for me because I like travelling so much. Before you would come to Minsk, you should know a few things about situation with an accommodation options in the city. There are two of them. Your first option is an apartment for rent in Minsk. Your second option is any local hotel. If you do not care about money, you are welcome to stay at the hotels like "Europa" and "Crowne Plaza". Both have five stars. Hotel "Europa" have better location - absolutely in the very heart of Minsk. CP hotel is situated near the stadium "Dinamo" and it is situated in a few steps away from the main street of Minsk. As you can see, staying in this hotel might be a bit noisy.

If you would like to save decent money during your travel to Minsk, and Belarus, there are no better options than apartments for short-term rent in Minsk. There are hundreds of apartments for rent in Minsk city center. Sometime it is even hard to make a choice. So many great apartment rentals in the center of Minsk. Once you have made your choice with an apartment, you need to book your rental. There are two ways to do this. Your first way is to make upfront payment. Very few real estate managers in Minsk can accept payments online, but you can always try booking service from Apart-Hotel BelToRent. They do not have any problems with accepting money online for travel service including apartment booking in Minsk.

Your second way is just to have a deal with apartment's manager or with apartment's owner to keep the place for you until you will come to Minsk, Belarus. But this option do not give you any guaranty that upon your arrival you will find your apartment rental not busy with somebody else. Apartment owners only care about money, not about you. So, if you want to have guaranteed reservation, you better to find the way to pay upfront. Hence, you will have strong guaranty that nothing goes wrong with your accommodations in Minsk for short-term stay.

If you come to Minsk for more than two weeks, apartment rentals can save for you lots of money. I know one man from the USA and his first one month travel to Minsk, he was staying at the hotel "Belarus". He had paid over 3k in US dollars for his accommodations. Next his one month travel to Minsk he decided to rent apartment close to the center of Minsk. It has cost for him 1k in US dollars and he has saved over two thousands of dollars with his accommodations. If you care about money, apartments for rent in Minsk would be a great money saving machine during your trip to Belarus.

Travel services in Minsk, Belarus

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