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Should Airline Tickets Be Based On Weight?

Updated on March 26, 2013

How do the airlines determine the ticket costs? It seems to be based on the most traveled routes, time of year. A few weeks ago, a round trip ticket to Florida from California cost $475, now it is around $560. A flight to Germany easily runs $1000 and if you go over the baggage weight or size limit, you are charged $300 extra. On domestic flights, it is around $30.

Since baggage is charged by the weight and size, why not charge the airline ticket based on a person's weight? A human body is baggage. I think that would be a fair method, those that are grossly overweight and size, should be charged extra for the carry weight of an aircraft is limited. If the person is so large they must occupy two seats, they should pay for it.

By creating an airline ticket based on a person's weight, those that are lighter would pay less, those who weigh more, pay more. The exact criteria as to how much would need to be determined BUT the concept seems just. Those frequent flyers who are obese, would then have a reason to diet-to save airfare costs.

What are your thoughts?

Should the airline ticket be based on a person's weight?

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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Well, airlines already charge luggage by weight and size. if you go over the Free limit, the charges can be in the hundreds of dollars. So what does that do, if forces you to thin out when packing. If you have toddler, you have to pay for another seat, they cannot sit on your lap. If the total weight of the aircraft load is outside the economical limits, should they leave luggage off? What if the passengers were all obese, say, 100 lbs more than their normal range and each needed two seats to fit comfortable, they should pay for two seats. It is their own fault for allowing themselves to get that way. I think it makes sense. A person who is only 120 lbs has less weight impact on an aircraft than one who weights 300. Why shouldn't they pay more? If all the airlines did it this way, offended or not, you would have to do it if you wanted to fly.

    • American View profile image

      American View 5 years ago from Plano, Texas

      Charging seats by weight is a seriously slippery slope to go down. Should you pay more gas at the pumps based on weight?Since you weigh more you will burn more gas than other travelers. Charge more for a diner since a large person may drink more water than a smaller person. Where does it end?

      Not taken into consideration is other reasons why a person cannot fit in one seat comfortably. Take someone like me, back in my better days I weighed 245 pounds, overweight by health chart standards. But when you looked at me you say a man with a 34 waist, very muscular upper body, wide shoulders so wide I had to wear 2x or 3x shirts to fit. In other words, not fat or unhealthy yet under your terms I would have to pay extra. I would be extremely offended and never fly that airline again.