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Singapore Nightlife

Updated on December 29, 2016

By day, Singapore maintains a pro-business, pro-enterprise professional persona. By night, Singapore practically transforms itself into a buzzing network of supper places, midnight movies, and entertainment outlets where you can party the night away. Singapore’s nightlife ranks among the very best in Asia --even more happening than Bangkok, offering a wide range of enjoyment opportunities.

There are specific nightlife scenes in Singapore that draw crowds of bar-hoppers, party-goers and anyone looking to have some fun. There are 5 main areas of entertainment in Singapore that promise an eventful night scene.

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A markerClarke Quay, Singapore -
Clarke Quay, 3E River Valley Road, Singapore 179024
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B markerOrchard Road, Singapore -
Orchard Road, Singapore
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C markerRaffles Blvd, Singapore -
Raffles Boulevard, Singapore
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D markerHolland Village, Singapore -
Holland Village, Singapore
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E markerChangi Village, Singapore -
Changi, Singapore
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1. Clarke Quay

The night-pulse of the Lion City can be felt the strongest at Clarke Quay, one of Singapore’s favourite haunts for both locals and foreigners. It is the central area for a spectacular variety of restaurants, cocktail bars, wine bars, roof-top bars, live-music haunts, pubs and nightclubs. This is a favourite of every Singaporean looking for a good time. Step into one of the many clubs along Clarke Quay and turn on the groove, awaken the Ricky Martin in you!

Flying LED kites at the open field in the area is also a past time of many. With no sun in your eyes and kites light up against the backdrop of stars, there is no excuse to not have a quiet moment with your inner child.

For the brave at heart, have a go at reverse bungee jumping, where you are strapped to a capsule with your legs dangling, and shot to the sky on a giant rubber band.

If you do not think your heart can take that amount of adrenaline, head over for some cultural appreciation with performances at Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.

Take a stroll down the Singapore River, or board one of the river taxis and sail in style. Singapore IS most beautiful at night – relax and immerse yourself in its beauty.

2. Orchard Road

When the lights in the shopping belts are off, the main activity to do in Orchard Road are eating, drinking and being merry. Waterholes lay the area like a minefield. If you were staying at Marriott Hotel or The Grand Hyatt, you are in luck, because you get to tap your feet to live music at the bars. If you are more of a head banger, Hard Rock Cafe located at Tanglin Road may be your ultimate paradise. Do find time to fit in a date with the Irish pubs located at opposite ends of the infamous Orchard road too!

3. Raffles Blvd

Say ‘cheese’ with the Merlion presiding over the waters of Singapore on the Esplanade Bridge before heading to one of the many nightclubs here that boast celebrity DJs and a chic feel.

Movie buffs can catch a movie even when most retail shops have closed for the day in several malls around Singapore. These malls, or multiplexes, have cinemas that air shows during nocturnal hours.

4. Holland Village & Dempsey Hill

These two locations cater to those who prefer to dine in style. Warm orange glows emanate from the many restaurants and cafes here, beckoning anyone who walks past.

Holland Village is mostly frequented by a young crowd. For a residential area, the prices of the food are considered steep. Yet, it does not deter the crowd at all. The vibe you get when you set foot into Holland Village is a feisty one. Music from a bar can be heard a distance away, and groups of friends can be seen laughing and having a great time. Earmarked with a windmill at the tip of one of the cottage-styled houses here, Holland Village is a perfect way to end your night.

Dempsey Hill on the other hand, draws a more mature crowd. A taxi would be the best mode of transport up this hill, because it is an arduous hike to the top. The ambience here is very European. The restaurants here are often filled with expatriates and Singaporeans dolled up to their nines. Taste some wine at the grocers, or sip a cocktail at a live jazz bar. Chilling and soaking in the atmosphere on Dempsey Hill is enough to warrant a visit. The exquisite food you are served with is an additional bonus.

5. Changi Village

Changi Village might be far from the city central, but fret not even if you are stranded here. There is food sold in Changi Village even at 2am. What more needs to be said? Changi Village offers many choices of coffeeshops, cafés, pubs and restaurants that suit all budgets. This place gives you reason not to sleep in Singapore. Remember to go hungry! If you love breathtaking views, catch the sunset and walk down the 1.2km Changi Point Boardwalk which overlooks lush greenery and the sea before making your way to your gastronomical delights.


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