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Single in Savannah

Updated on July 27, 2011
Magnolias are in full bloom! Next time you go by one these stately trees, grab a branch and smell that beautiful citrusy scent.
Magnolias are in full bloom! Next time you go by one these stately trees, grab a branch and smell that beautiful citrusy scent.

Why "Single in Savannah"?

First I have to admit, I am not from Savannah, officially. In my heart, I am a Savannian and a Southern gal. I grew up in NJ and PA but was born in Jackson, TN. I moved back down south after I was married with an almost 3 yr old son. I will have been here 20 years in August, which rivals my time up North. My parents, grandparents and any relative I have beside my sister stills lives in the deep south. So...when I say "Single in Savannah" you know now what I mean. Oh, and I got a divorce after living down here 13 years. So I truly am single.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

A small portion of the museum's garden.
A small portion of the museum's garden.

Starting Tomorrow

I decided to start writing about my adventures the summer of 2010 in hopes of drawing out a few more adventurous singles who would like to go with. On June 1st, I met some friends from PA whose daughter graduated from SCAD, which stands for Savannah College of Art and Design (for those of you reading this that aren't familiar with that awesome school, they have taken over many of the older buildings in Savannah and restored them as either classrooms or dorms. So SCAD is truly a city wide school.)

We went to see the Ships at Sea Maritime Museum on MLK Blvd. I am not much on ships but do love English gardens and they have one of the best in the city.

Day 1 Tuesday

Well, what a nice treat! We went to lunch at the Kayak Cafe, an awesome little restaurant on Broughton St. After my lunch (a delicious cuban panini), we went for ice cream where the SCAD grad works and got it for free! They also let her off early so she could go to the museum with us.

Here's the best part. We entered the gardens from the parking lot and didn't have to pay a thing. The gardens apparently are free. It's the actual museum that is $8. So, since I really came to see the gardens, that's what we did and they were indeed beautiful. Magnolias and gardenias in high bloom and scent, birds singing, a beautiful fish pond and giant urn covered with flowers. Looked like a beautiful place for a wedding. :)

Tomorrow I go to the Midway Museum (and this time I will go inside the building, lol.) I have been wanting to go ever since my son said he liked it when he went there in Middle School. Anyone like to join me?

Day 2 Wednesday

Well, I started out with good intentions of going to the Midway Museum today but then after looking it up online, I found that Seabrook Village was in the same area. I would rather do both tomorrow. I would also rather go with someone. It's always better to share experiences. That is what I am trying to do on this blog but maybe ya'll will feel moved to visit some of the places I will see but later on. That is ok, too. It's just hard to get the word out ahead of time to see if anyone is interested. And in that vein, I'm going to a Sand Gnats game on Monday.

Tickets are $1 and hotdogs and small drinks are too. Would love to get a bunch of yelling, screaming baseball fans together. It's so much fun to let your hair down and be loud! The game starts at 7:05 so I'll probably be leaving around 5:45. They play at Grayson Stadium on Victory drive. You can go straight up Abercorn and take a right. I will try to fill in my calendar below in advance so I won't have to take so much space up with projected trips. Pls leave a comment or just hit the email link if you are interested!

Day 3 Thursday

Well, I learned something yesterday. If you wallow around in your pjs and don't take a shower all day, that is how you will feel on the inside. And the day whittled away. I feel better when I look better, don't you? So, as soon as I am done with this, off to the shower I go to get ready for today.

Looking forward to some good food from the Hinesville Farmer's Market. They are open Thursdays from 4-8pm in Bradwell Square behind the courthouse. I always go to the same booth for the tomatoes. There is also organic beef sold right from the freezer. Yum but expensive. However, if protein doesn't sit well with you, you might try organic beef. After eating it all other beef makes me sick, literally. It must be the added hormones, steroids and antibiotics that the cows are fed.

I'm trying to lose some weight and eat healthier. Last night I had shrimp scampi on brown rice with baby whole green beans and a cup of blueberries for dessert. Unfortunately, I ruined it with a late run to the convenience store for a couple of ice cream bars. I really wanted a sundae from Mcdonald's but they weren't taking debit cards, so I went to BK for a milkshake and their ice cream machine was on the blink. God's providence? The flesh was screaming, so I ended up at Clydes.

Thank goodness for startovers. His mercies are new every morning and so are our chances to make new and better choices. Have a great day!

MIdway Museum and Cemetary

Ola and Van Pate standing by museum.
Ola and Van Pate standing by museum.
Garden leading to kitchen.
Garden leading to kitchen.
So many died before they were 35. Most of them just children.   People living past 50 was a rare thing.
So many died before they were 35. Most of them just children. People living past 50 was a rare thing.
Story goes, the lid moves often...
Story goes, the lid moves often...

Day 4 Friday

What a great morning! I had two ladies go with me to the Midway Museum. It really is an amazing place! The cost of $6 is low in comparison to all the history you glean. The museum spans a large home (3 floors), separately housed kitchen, salt vat, picnic and parking area, church and cemetary. I wanted to share all the facts that I learned but really needed a notebook to keep track of them all. It was truly fascinating. Then again, I love history.

We didn't make it to Seabrook Village as I forgot I was having my garage door put in today. So, we had to hurry home afterwards. But the ladies and I are meeting tonight for burgers at Chili's. The one fact that did stay with me is that decendants of Clark Gable run the Steakhouse down the road. Now that's cool, lol.

As for the farmer's market, which was behind the court house, I came home with huge tomatoes, tender summer squash and organic pot roast which I am thrilled about. My friend got some beautiful vidalia onions. I also enjoyed a bag of the biggest blackberries I have ever seen. It will definitely be a weekly event. I also plan to go to Savannah's farmers' market at Forsyth Park one Saturday morning. They are open 9am -12.

Day 5 Saturday's activity was forced. I don't like meetings but agreed to go to get out of the house. You may be wondering why I need to make myself get out of the house. Well, otherwise I isolate. Sit around in pjs all day, watching television and life go by. So, I will take whatever God offers me this summer as an activity. I am also very spontaneous, I just get lazy when there is no one else to do things with.

For those of you with kids: I know it seems like a chore to carry them around everywhere but oh, that is one of the things that makes life full! I know because my life borders on empty now. What I would give to have a youngun in a grocery cart again. Guess that's what grandkids are for, huh, lol?

I got off the subject alittle but that's what"s cool about blogging it can go in whatever direction the writer wants. But back to the meeting. I hadn't signed up for it but I sure have now. Actually, I really like to get involved, it's just down the road I can become a little undependable. Call it lazy or selfish or even attention getting, it's one of my defects that God knows I need to work on. Hence, this blog! I'm trying. More tomorrow.

Day 6 Sunday

I take Sundays off from the computer. I have a tendency to be on too much and really have to be careful, so I give that day to Jesus. So Sundays will be written on Mondays, lol.

At church we have a bread ministry. We give fresh homebaked bread to our visitors. I don't bake, so I am one of the drivers. We meet at the church, get directions and off we go. I have really enjoyed it. My partner and I were the only ones that came last Sunday, so if you think this is something you would like to do to further the kingdom, come by next Sunday at 4.


Sand Gnats game

Day 7 Monday

Just had the best time last night at a Sand Gnats game. It went into 11 endings and we won!!! Drinks, chips and hot dogs were a dollar. (Beer, too) Hoping to get the church to a picnic at the park next month.

I hope you are keeping up with my singles blog. I'm really enjoying writing it and I am trying my best to come up with things for the calendar of events in advance. Like this weekend. How about a movie in Savannah and dinner at the food court across the street or anywhere you would like? They didn't bring Letters to Juliet into town and I really want to see it!

Day 8 Tuesday

Today I worked outside. Yes, it was hot but for some reason it is not bothering me as much this summer. I don't think we are experiencing the same awful humidity as we usually do, at least not yet.

I found out my yard is sloped - toward my house, so the rain pools up underneath the windows. Not a good thing. So, I bought 50 bags of dirt and am in the process of trying to level it out. After I get that done I want to paint my house yellow with white trim. I decided this after I got my new garage door. (white) I've already taken down the shutters and will spray paint them in the evening. Did you know you shouldn't paint when it's 90 or above outside? So, I have to wait until the afternoon shade comes.

I love my little house. I am so blessed by it. I loved my front yard until Asian beetles destroyed my beautiful tree that shaded the front of the house. It's very hard to watch tv in the morning now with the sunlight pouring in. Then the wisteria vine over took the side of the yard and covered the fence and tried to over take my bushes. That was a constant battle. The "vine" was as big as a tree trunk. So, I paid to have the neighbors tree cut down that the wisteria vine had sucked the life out of and then it took a very strong man 4 days to dig all the roots up. But now the area's beautiful and flat and has grass on it. TY Jesus! One down, a million to go.

I would post pics but I don't think anyone would really be interested, lol. Maybe a before and after picture. My project today was to put landscape timbers up against the front of the house, Lay down that black plastic cloth that stops weeds and then fill in with dirt. I got as far as laying the bags of dirt down. Tomorrow I will open them and pour the dirt out.

When I woke up this morning, the Lord gave me a picture of the finished product, with 4 privet hedge type bushes in the front of the window. So, that's what I will get. I will fill in with perennials. I love flowers. Especially, deep pink and purple ones. Isn't the Lord good? He wants to be in every area of our lives. How kind of Him to tell me what would look good. I have tried alot of plants there and nothing has worked out, so I'll try it His way.

God bless you, all who read this. Alot of people read it once. (Thanks for stopping by.) But not many are continuing. That's ok. (I feel like Julie in Julie and Julia. Which BTW is my all time fav movie now.) I know that this is my assignment from the Lord this summer and I will fulfull it. Have a great sunshiney day!

Day 9 Wednesday

Today I will be visiting Ricky Temple's church with a friend. The women are having a movie night with popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, you name it. They will be showing the Preacher's Kid. Afterwards a short discussion. We won't leave until 5:15. If anyone would like to join us just gimme a call.

Day 10 Thursday

Tonight I will pay my respects to the Ring family. A long time member of LOC and the husband of a coworker died. The funeral is Saturday. God's comfort and blessings on his family.

Afterwards, if my Netflix arrives, I'll be at a friend's to watch The Book of Ruth: A Journey of Faith on her new big flat screen TV. Carman plays Boaz. I can't imagine that. Do tall, dark Italians look like Jews? I don't think so. I guess that is why they call it acting.

Right now, I have many irons in the fire and too little done on each one. Like losing weight, for instance. I am trying to watch what I eat but I need to be accountable to someone to exercise. I walk my dogs when it's gets cooler at night but that doesn't seem to be enough. So, from here on in, I will be writing a hub on that. You can follow if you would like to, or join me! It will be called, hmmm, uh, TBA.

Hopefully, I am getting better in letting you know what is coming up. I sent out emails to everyone about going to see Letters to Juliet this Saturday. Surely, I can't be the only romantic in the group. After all we are single, lol. Hope you can make it. Meeting at the church at 2:30. Leaving at 2:45. Wow, Day ten, already. I would have been married 26 years today.

Day 11 Friday

Went to bed with a headache that carried over to today. So, not feeling too well. I think it's a caffiene headache. I realized since I started eating better that I hadn't had a soda for almost five days. Thus, the caffiene headache. I drink decaffienated iced tea all the time instead.

So, today will probably be an errand day. Ran a couple small ones this morning. I also never made it over to my friends for movie night last night as the Netflix didn't arrive. So, as you can see, plans change, but that is life, right?

I went to Blockbuster's though, since nothing is on TV in the summer, and broke down and rented Dear John. I promised myself I wasn't going to watch it because I know I would cry. But another friend called, who had been away, so I'll bring it over to her house and we can watch it together. Sometimes it's better if you have more than one person watching a tear jerker.

I am so grateful for friends and even acquaintances. I pray thru this blog, I will gain more. I am such a people person. Need a place to get away and spend the night? Mi casa es su casa. More tomorrow. Hope to meet some of you at the church at 2:30 for a movie in Savannah. I need people to cry with, lol. God bless.

Abby and Belle

Don't let their innocent faces fool you. They will probably prove to be a handful at the game, especially with the smell of hot dogs everywhere.
Don't let their innocent faces fool you. They will probably prove to be a handful at the game, especially with the smell of hot dogs everywhere.

Day 12 Saturday

I knew Dear John would have a twist, but I wasn't ready for it. The end could have been done differently. The Last Song was definitely better. I love Nicholas Sparks and as long as he writes the story, I will see the movie. Speaking of The Last Song, I would love for the singles to take a trip to Tybee and go on the The Last Song tour. I know there has to be one! We can hit the beach, go to lunch, take a bike ride, you name it! I'm even up for staying a couple nights if anyone else is.

I have alot of things planned in my mind. I really want to go to the First Saturday in Savannah but that is July 3rd and people probably have plans for the weekend. Well, I don't, so if anyone wants to come with me, I would like to go to the Farmer's Market held every Saturday in Forsyth Park from 9AM to 12. Then hit River St. for the Arts and Crafts and eats that First Saturday brings.

Today was another movie day but no one showed at the church. So, I will probably rent the DVD on Netflix unless Redbox gets it first, lol. If anyone would like to see Karate Kid with Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan, it's in Hinesville and looks good.

After waiting at the church, I went to find the bushes at Lowes that the Lord showed me and I think they are azaleas, but not sure yet. Then got more good food at Walmart. Seedless watermelons were $3 and delish!

June 27th is Bark in the Park. Any other dog lovers out there? I will be bringing Belle and Abby to the Sand Gnats game. Now that should be an adventure. It's a Sunday game that starts at 6.

It's getting really hot out. At least the storm yesterday cooled things off a couple of degrees. So, if anyone is up for the beach, just let me know and I will put it on the calendar. The beach is usually 5 degrees cooler because of the ocean. My favorite beach is St. Simon's Island. I love to walk on the Pier, visit the shops and just enjoy the sights (as well as walk on the sand). The lighthouse is also right there. So, that's another idea. If you have other suggestions, just let me know. I'm up for almost anything. Atlanta, maybe? Or the Holy Land in Orlando? Have a great weekend!

Day 13 Sunday

Today was amazing. I watched church online and was so glad I did. The anointing came straight thru the computer. Eddie James and his crew (25 teens and young adults) came to our church for two services. Both were incredible. Anyone interested in what they missed out on can watch it on


Day 14 Monday

After much ado, a carload of us made it to the Sand Gnats game in the 100 degree heat. Never, ever again!

It was so hot, nothing was fun. Not even when Ola ended up with the big beach ball. Unfortunately, the winner wasn't number 23, so she didn't get the beau coup number of lottery tickets. The ride home and the triple dip waffle cone were the best things about the game.

Bark in the Park better be alot cooler or they will not be seeing my two little girls. I can't imagine how hot they would be! The SandGnats played a great game anyway and looked like the heat didn't even bother them. We won! 10-4.

Day 15 Tuesday

Hot, hot, hot. Only made it to Farmer's natural foodstore today. I decided to do one thing a day to help me lose weight. I have some health issues that make losing weight a necessity, but it's the health issues, mainly my liver, that are keeping me from it. So, it's a catch 22.

Yesterday I added coconut oil to my diet. It's really quite good. Reminds me of eating a Mounds bar. I'll let you know if I see a difference. Today I went to Farmer's to get a Candida flush. We all have bad bacteria (yeast) inside us because we have all taken anitbiotics. This is a major hinderance to weight loss. Again, I'll let you know how it goes.

I decided that since it's just too hot to go outside anywhere, that I would make a difference inside. Got the Shark Steam mop and portable pocket cleaner and I'm not afraid to use it!

Keep cool. And if anyone would like to host a pool party, I'm in!

Day 16 Wednesday

It is just too hot to do anything! However, I did get my dogs to the Vet for grooming. They desperately needed summer hairdos. The only problem was the fact they were due for shots also, so it cost me double what I had budgeted. $150! And it could have been more. We go to Cedar Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill. I recommend them to anyone!

I am so fortunate to have the summer off. That is the frosting to the cake of being a school teacher. I am trying to be present in every moment. I don't want this summer whizzing by. One quarter of my vacation is gone so far. And to tell the truth, I am tired of coming up with things to write about. I really don't know what this is accomplishing except to get me out of the house. Well...that was my main goal. Maybe when the day is not quite so hot, things will get back on track and my interest will come back.

Until then, God bless. Singles - how about seeing Steven Curtis Chapman at the Civic Center?

Day 17 Thursday

Today is my dad's birthday. He is deceased. I miss him very much. He called me "Trece." I don't know what it's like in heaven but Jesus, can you give him a squeeze for me?

In memory of my dad I started another blog (hub). One on health. I mentioned doing this before. You may even get something from it you can use. I have learned alot about healthy eating and am glad to share it. My dad tried to do the same but I never listened. Why is that? We miss out so much by not giving our parents the respect they so deserve. I am going thru that with my own son right now. I hope he doesn't have regrets later.

As for what I did today, I watched two movies. The first, When in Rome, is definitely a chick flick. I cried but only because of a line in the movie about never finding love and being alone the rest of your life. All of a sudden, my future passed in front of me. A woman and her dogs, The old lady neighbor, getting older and older in her little house. I sobbed. I don't want to die alone.

Jesus, you are the lover of my soul. My husband, my provider, deliverer, healer and protector. Help me always remember that I will never be alone, for You said You would never leave me nor forsake me. But I also know the other promises You put in my heart. I'm ready, Lord. At least I think so. But You know best, so once again, I put my life in Your hands. As long as I can remain active serving You, I'll be okay.

My dad made me feel safe. I admired and respected him. I loved giving him hugs on his 6'3" 250 lb frame. I miss that, Lord. I miss him and miss having a man in my life that loves me no matter what.

But I trust You. You are my God and King. You are my everything. I love you, Dad. I love you, Jesus. And I can hardly wait to love you too, my future husband, wherever you are. (Look to the moon and I will, too.)

The other movie I saw at a friend's was Calendar Girls. Starts off slow, but weaves a good story. A true story. To me those are always the best kind. Maybe we can do our own "singles" calendar. HA!

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas

This beautiful couple is seen cutting the cake. For some reason they posted this w/o the colorful cake, lol.
This beautiful couple is seen cutting the cake. For some reason they posted this w/o the colorful cake, lol.

Day 18 Friday

Had a great dinner with my son in Valdosta. He's getting ready to move back to this area so it was probably my last trip to VSU. The school is so beautiful. I would have loved to have gone to a graduation there but it was not to be. Quick trip to deliver some moolah and then home again.

On the way back I stopped to see a classmate of Logan's who recently married and now lives in Waycross. What a delight to see their love nest. They are a beautiful couple in the Lord. I pray many blessings on their marriage. May it truly last a lifetime.

Day 19 Saturday

Had a chance to go to Jacksonville Zoo, but didn't think I could stand the heat so I passed. Instead, I did a lot of nuttin. I did, however, go see a friend. We kept missing each other the last couple of weeks, so I went to see her for a little while. That's it. That was my Saturday. Watched some mindless tv. I wish this heat would break so I could cut the lawn. Haven't had the desire to do anything lately.

My son went to a small wedding of his housemate's sister. I would have loved to have been there. It was at the parents house. I really like these people and the sister but wasn't invited. Hope your day was better.

Day 20 Sunday

Happy Father's Day! Visited another family after church for their Dad day celebration. Wish my family was closer. Wish my dad was still alive. I miss him.

Day 21 Monday

Did some things today I have been putting off. You know how you think I'll get to that later and later can sometimes last for years? I really want a new kitchen. Mine is falling apart. It needs to be gutted and redone. The appliances are still good though. Well, I was complaining to the Lord about it again, and He reminded me of all the other things that I haven't gotten to yet and it has been almost 5 years since I moved in. So, I am trying to do each one as I think of it. From painting whole rooms to wallboards. I even have the paint but never started the project. Or worse, started but never finished. It's funny. I picture it done but never get a round "tuit".

So, I picked up my son's car which has been done for a month and shot Round Up along the fence line and yes, I even mowed the yard. What a difference it makes. Think I might even get to spreading the fertilizer I bought 3 years ago.

Spiritually, I am in the same bad way. Putting off intercessory prayer and never sitting down to study the Bible. I have lists in my mind of spritual things I need to do too. Lord, help me complete those things that bring me closer to You. And keep me on task with the material things according to Matthew 6:33. "Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you."

Give a listen and see if "things" are calling to get finished at your house too.

Day 22 Tuesday

Continued making myself do the things I only think about doing. Like putting the bags of dirt in the indentation I am trying to fill in the backyard. (There used to be a pool there.) And putting away the garden instruments that were leaning against the house.

There are two kinds of people in the world, no, not men and women, lol, those that straighten up everything they see in their paths and those that walk over it. Guess which one I am? If I do notice something is out of place, I think of putting it up and then go on my merry way. I'm wired like that, so it is an act of determination to actually do what I am thinking. I told you I was gonna be real here.  Anywho, I did some stuff today. Still too hot to do to much more.

The Secret Garden

Day 23 Wednesday

Finally got to go to the Secret Garden. I expected it to be a little bigger but there were plenty of things to see. We even got a tour on the golf cart. The gift shop was really nice and we didn't leave empty-handed! My favorite things were the fountains.

They have a landscape design service and I hope to have them come out and give me some advice about my overgrown backyard. The main problem I am already aware of - the pine trees. Until I can get them removed, maybe they can help me design around them, lol.

Afterwards, we went to the Pita Pit for lunch. Both businesses were right off of Hwy 17. I had a club pita wrap. Ham, turkey, bacon and all the veggies you want. It was a good first half of the day.

Day 24 Thursday

First, I met some friends for lunch at McDonald's. I had some iced tea and just visited.Then I planned a mini vacation with more friends. Last I checked out the farmers' market in downtown Hinesville. I got some onions and awesome tomatoes. The woman promises she grows organically. No pesticides. So, I will always get my tomatoes from her. And they are soooo good.

My mini vacation consists of going to Cocoa Beach next week for a couple of days. I almost rented a condo there earlier, but didn't have anyone to go with. I would love to get the singles together and rent a house somewhere and just have fun, but that takes commitment, and for some reason the singles at LOC don't seem to want to do much.

Day 25 Friday

Believe it or not I got out in this heat and washed and waxed my son's car. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but it's been parked, not running, so why bother? But now it's fixed and I'm so happy. Even though my son won't be able to get it for a while, it looks good. I learned one thing. Don't park your car under a pine tree for any length of time. The sap will ruin the paint job. I waited until 7 pm to wax it and almost got rained out.

In between the washing and the waxing I went to WalMart and purchased some groceries. I thought about making myself get out of the house to do things. It hasn't gotten any easier. I really have to push my flesh. Like writing this everyday. It's a commitment. Sometimes I want to forget about it. But then I remember why I started it and reread day 1. God bless, everyone. Don't let life pass you by.

Day 26 Saturday

Today I waited around (all day) to follow my son to his new home. He moved from VSU town to Savannah. So lucky. I would love to live there. But it would have to be a row house in the historic district.

He finally came and I followed him down White Bluff for what seemed like forever. A very good get away as it has no ATT service and too far for a "drop-in visit" from mom when I come to town. He has the downstairs bedroom and bath of a 3 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood, just the opposite of what he left. I know he's safe there and has two of the best friends anyone could have sharing the house. They are more like brothers. One he's known since 7th grade and the other since 2nd. I call them my other sons. They are both in school and working, drink too much but so does Logan. I hope the other two things rub off as he quit school to move. He is in God's capable hands and both he and I feel really good about the move. (Of course, when they were outside bringing things in, I was using my anointing oil as fast as I could, lol.)

We left around nine. I brought home his former house mate who so kindly shared his UHaul to bring Logan's stuff to Savannah. The least I could do was treat him to a great burger! I was so hungry. They really hit the spot. If you have never gone to B&D's burgers you are missing a treat! It's obvious as soon as you take one bite why they are voted best burgers in town every year. They are located next to the big Christian bookstore on Abercorn. Lifeway, I believe. And Outback. So does that make it the Lowes/Home Depot plaza? Anyway, it used to be called Red, Hot and Blue and had the best Memphis bbq ever. I don't know why that closed, it was awesome and always full. I even have a tee shirt but now it has holes in it, (it's that old,lol).

Day 27 Sunday

Today was church. Didn't do much else. Watched TV mostly. God bless America.


Day 28 Monday

Today I went to Valdosta to pick up the rest of Logan's stuff. I brought along the beautiful bride pictured above as she was going to use the coffee table and end tables he left behind, as well as a card table and four chairs and gas grill. I also wanted to grab the glider rocker but it was so dirty I just left it there. Logan could have used all four of those things but wasn't interested in trying to retrieve them so off to Rachel's they went. She was so enthusiastic about getting them. She and Stephen didn't have anything to eat on and she dressed the card table up so pretty. They were getting a used leather couch and love seat from her inlaws, so the coffee and end table fit in well. The boys really beat them to death. I hope after some polishing they will be usable.

When I went into Logan's old room there were shirts, boxers, papers and other crap all over the floor. The books his father and I gave him on finances, a book from the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series by Robert T. Kiyosaki and two by Dave Ramsey: Financial Peace and Total Money Makeover were thrown in a corner, however, he did take his bookcase. The real surprises were the Christmas gifts that I thought he really liked, one still in the box, and his sonic care toothbrush in the bathroom. I took the present that was still in the box and got my money back. I don't know why boys are like that. That's why Rachel got the furniture. She appreciated it. The thing is the boys could have used everything I gave to her.

After loading up the car, Rachel took me to Sonny's and bought my lunch. Such a sweet gesture. I wish I had a girl.

Now when I got home (4:30) I had to wash the dogs, wash and pack and get food together for my mini vacation to Cocoa Beach. I finished around midnight.

Cocoa Beach

We were across the street from the beach so we walked thru here to get there.
We were across the street from the beach so we walked thru here to get there.
Tikis were all over Cocoa Beach.
Tikis were all over Cocoa Beach.
Van in the waves!
Van in the waves!

Day 29 Tuesday

Cocoa Beach here we come. We left at 7 am. Arrived before noon. The hotel let us check in right away. I took my dogs since the hotel was dog friendly. They slept all the way there. While everyone was resting, I checked out the dog park and then we hit the beach. OW!!!!

The dogs had to stay in the room as they were not allowed on the beach. OW!!! again. I cannot tell you how hot the sand was. I can only tell you that it actually burned our feet even with flip flops on. The sand that hit our feet hurt like the dickens. Still we went back and got our suits on and tried again. The waves were fun but the sand. OW!! I'm not kidding.

That night we ate at the Fish House and walked around "town". We spent a good deal of time in Ron Jon's surf shop. It was huge. A city block long.

Day 30 Wednesday

Today we got up early, had breakfast at the hotel, then hit the beach. The sand was not yet hot at 9:30. After a couple of hours we came back and went swimming in the pool. Afterwards we fixed lunch and went shopping during the hottest part of the day.

That night we went to Sonny's for dinner, then hit the pier. That was fun. Took lots of pictures. Tomorrow we head back at noon.

This will be the last day I write in this blog. I think I accomplished what I wanted, making myself get out of the house but writing about it has become a chore. It was alot more fun when I thought people were reading it. Now, not so much. I was hoping to hear from you all through the comments. So, ttfn. Thanks for joining me on my first blogging experience.

Signing off from Cocoa Beach. God bless and goodnight. :)

Botanical Gardens

Hi! Back again!

I just had to share with you my find in Savannah this week. The botanical gardens are located on Eisenhower drive right past the Southeast Medical Group (big white sign on left.) It is way up Eisenhower so keep looking.

Of course, it was hot when I went but worth the quick stop. The house that welcomes you is an 1840's farmhouse that is open for tours with groups only but you can go inside during hours. The garden is free and open til sunset. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Oh, btw, I may have a couple of items to add after this weekend. I am having company and we are doing Savannah and the beaches! So come back and check it out. Lots of pics! :)

St. Simon's Island

St. Simon's in the background.
St. Simon's in the background.
View of new play area from the top of the lighthouse.
View of new play area from the top of the lighthouse.


It was a beautiful day until we walked on the beach during the hottest part of it! I guess if I waded in the water I wouldn't have gotten so hot. By the time we got to the restaurant, it seemed to take forever until i cooled off. Several glasses of iced tea later and I was ok.

When we first got there we walked on the pier; a breeze was blowing. The park changed since I was last there. The renovations were beautiful but they moved the children's playground, and miniature golf to the pool area where you have to pay $7 to get in and tore down the covered eating area. That was disappointing. One of my favorite memories was watching the kids play in the sand and on the swings with parents sitting all around the perimeter wall. Now they have a sorry lil jungle gym where a big beautiful play yard used to be. Well, I have my memories. The following are pictures of me and my friends who were celebrating 24 yrs of marriage.

OH! And the most exciting thing to me, anyway, was the Eugenia Price exhibit in the lighthouse museum. She is my favorite author and was a resident of St. Simons until she died in 1996 at 80. For those of you not familiar with her, she wrote historical romance trilogies. It was so exciting to see the cemetary at Christ's Church after I first started reading her. Talk about the dead coming to life, lol. Her characters were so real. :)

Travel Plans

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Cocoa Beach
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For the next 60 days,I will make myself get out of my house and do something, praying for God's leading and guidance each day.


As a divorced or widowed single in Christ, do you think it is okay to have sex before remarriage?

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    • Portia Patrice profile imageAUTHOR

      Portia Patrice 

      8 years ago from Savannah, GA

      wow, desiree, thanks. a real comment on what I wrote. you inspire me to write more. maybe i will.

      oh, as it says in the first paragraph I am only a Savannah wannabe, lol. Portia

    • Portia Patrice profile imageAUTHOR

      Portia Patrice 

      8 years ago from Savannah, GA

      Girl, when you get home, I expect you to start going with us! LOL

    • profile image

      Marybel Laboy 

      8 years ago

      You sure can write some exciting "stuff"! I'm learning about places I haven't even gone to and I've been here 20 years. Keep having a ball; this was a great idea!!!

    • Portia Patrice profile imageAUTHOR

      Portia Patrice 

      8 years ago from Savannah, GA


      How bout this Saturday in Savannah? Afternoon movie and dinner. Will give more info as day approaches. So glad you want to join us!

    • profile image

      Lalosa Burton 

      8 years ago

      You go girl its a joy to see that your still doing the single thing. For me I need advance notice like a week maybe because my schedule is tight and i need time to reroute somethings. Week days are really hard for me because of my work schedule, but if you doing anything on the weekends pls let me know I would love to fellowship with yall.

    • profile image

      Marybel Laboy 

      8 years ago

      Hey! You are having a ball and that truly blesses my heart to see. The gardens look beautiful. It's been busy on my end but keep it up! God is truly given you favor and an opportunity to share with others His gifts on this blog.


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