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The Global Impact of Site Furniture on College Campuses

Updated on December 23, 2009

Site Furniture on College Campus

The benefits of site furniture on a college campus

Colleges and Universities across the country are placing a renewed emphasis on the appearance and function of the public spaces. The push for this is due to the fact that many site designers now understand the importance of cohesion throughout the campus, and increased availability of the types of site furniture and site maintenance pieces. This has all come at a time when there is increased concern about the human impact of global climate change, and as much press has been given to the efforts to reduce it.

One of the ways that human impact on global climate change can be reduced is through the proper use of alternative transportation. The transportation that dominates most college campuses is the car, which takes up far too much space and is not ecologically friendly. The right site furniture, such as bus stops and bike shelters can have a tremendous impact on the way that students choose to arrive and the habits they begin as they start planning a college career.

Bike shelters can encourage the students to ride bikes around campus. This is great for the environment, as was already discussed, but it also has a great deal of other positive ramifications. First, it encourages proper physical fitness among students. This is a great way to motivate the student body to get in proper shape and will show that the university is leading the way to support these measures. Adding bicycle shelters will go a long way to improve the overall health and fitness levels on campus.

Another benefit that bicycle shelters can have on campus is the increased camaraderie and sense of community that goes along with an increased level of group participation. This is due to the fact that students spend less time isolated in cars and more time in a certain amount of interaction that is possible during the group activities.

Of course, bicycle shelters aren’t the only type of site furniture that can benefit college campuses. Some site furniture is dedicated to the recycling and waste management efforts on campus. College officials are coming to the understanding that the majority of students are willing to contribute to the recycling efforts as long as there are ample opportunities to place the waste into the proper receptacle. Of course, the efforts to recycle can go a long way into reducing the global human impact on greenhouse gasses and climate change in general. Colleges and universities would do well to make certain that the campus is a good model for proper citizenship.


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