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Watkins Glen, NY Visitors Guide

Updated on June 17, 2015

Located in Upstate, NY on the southern end of Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen is a small town (population close to only 2,000 people) that is a big tourist spot. This article will highlight some of the attractions that make it a friendly draw.

Watkins Glen State Park

Cutting right down the middle of town is Watkins Glen State Park. The park has a stream that flows down 400 feet from start to finish between a large canyon, creating 19 different waterfalls. With over 800 stone steps running along the main trail and various other trails running above and on either side, this scenic walk is worth a visit.

Above the park is a full Olympic-sized swimming pool for those looking to get in some swimming while in the park. There are also picnic areas and camping sites at the top of the gorge.

The park also has a small gift shop that is open year-round located at the bottom of the gorge.

The Wineries

Seneca Lake is famous for being wine country. With 34 different wineries on both sides of the lake, there's something for everyone. Some of the featured wineries include:

Glenora Wine Cellars

Lakewood Vineyards

Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards

Wagner Vineyards

Chateau LaFayette Reneau

Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars

2010 Watkins Glen Cardboard Boat Race

The Festivals

The Waterfront Festival (Mid-June, Yearly)

  1. Cardboard Boat Regatta
  2. Friday Night Fireworks


Finger Lakes Wine Festival (2nd Week of July, Yearly)

  1. Launch of the Lakes
  2. Fireworks
  3. Wine Showcase
  4. Music
  5. Culinary Classes/Demonstrations


Watkins Glen Italian Festival (First Weekend in August, Yearly)

  1. Food, craft, gift marketplace
  2. Bingo
  3. Music
  4. Bocce Tournament
  5. Parade
  6. Pasta Eating Contest
  7. Fireworks
  8. Beer and Wine Garden


The Grand Prix Festival (Early September, Yearly)

  1. Vintage cars
  2. Fireworks
  3. Wine Tasting and Food Courts


Watkins Glen International Raceway


Watkins Glen International was established on the streets of Watkins Glen, NY in 1948 and is North America’s premier racing facility. The Glen has a long and storied past from its Formula 1 roots to its position as New York’s only home to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.


Cheez-It 355

US Vintage Grand Prix

Ferrari Challenge North America

Finger Lakes Beer Festival

What would be the number one attraction you'd see if you visited Watkins Glen?

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    • Valeant profile image

      JOC 3 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      You're welcome. And have fun!

    • brownella profile image

      brownella 3 years ago from New England

      Nice hub and perfect timing! My sister and I are planning a fall road trip to the finger lakes this fall so this was great. Thanks for sharing :-)