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Six Lovely But Weird Transportation Devices

Updated on January 6, 2010

Have you heard about the efforts to be made a flying car? They still haven't achieved much of success except a few funny prototypes. But do you think these are the funniest transportation devices out there? I'll show you a few even more strange ones. And best of all, most of them are even pretty cool, efficient, and  - unlike the flying car - existing in the real world. Let's explore!

The Gyrocopter

The gyrocopter is a weird aircraft that looks a lot like a helicopter but functions very differently. In gyrocopters the top propeler isn't the one that pulls the engine to fly - it's rotating because of flying. 

Gyrocopters can be very light, cheap and fast - and many enthusiasts even claim they are safer than most of other types of aircraft. Sounds great? The only bad news is that to fly a gyrocopter you need serious training and in some countries even a pilot's license.

Gyrocopter Video

The Monowheel

The monowheels are similar to unicycles but look much stranger than them. The "pilot" of this weird vehicle doens't sit on it, but inside or next to it. There are also motorwheels monowheels for those who don't want to use their leg power. These vehicles aren't considered very practical because of their limited stability and capacity. But they certainly look amazing and don't require so much training.

However most of these "bikes" are far more  expensive than a motorbike which doesn't help their popularity.

Monowheel Video

Ground Effect Vehicle

Have you heard about hovercrafts? They are the most popular sub-division of the amazing ground effect vehicle. These "airplanes" fly or actually hover in unusual way - they use a cushion effect created by the aerodynamic interaction between the surface and the wings. Sounds too complicated? The video below will help you get a better idea.

The  ground effect vehicles have been interesting for the military for quite some time, but are far away from becoming a popular personal transportation tool. However the personal hovercraft, which in essence is also a ground effect vehicle, is becoming more popular every day. The good looking and commercially built hovercraft can cost more than a decent car, however there are much simpler options for DIY hovercraft.

Hovercraft Video

The Segway

These little single-person two wheelers became popular the recent years. Most segways are electric and very economical which definitely makes them "green". The prices of new segway scooters are high ($5,000 or more) but there are plenty of places where you can buy used ones.

And like with every cool vehicle, there are many fans who prefer the DIY method.

Segways are lovely but I wouldn't call them very practical - not only that you are unprotected like when riding a bike but you also have to stay standing. 

Segway Video

The Carver One

This isn't so strange because in essence it's just a car. But what a car! It's a small, single person, three wheeled car that is excellent for the crowded cities. While not that weird like the other vehicles we discuss here, it's probably one of the most comfortable and most practical for everyday use. 

The Carver one  is believed to be a realistic choice for people who feel uncomfortable on a bike or live in countries where using bikes and scooters is not appropriate for long time due to bad weather.

Carver One Video

The Jet Pack

Finally, let's discuss something that came from the science fiction. The jet pack can be considered an aircraft - it uses jets of escaping gases to lift you up and let you fly. It's a single person device most often worn on the back. I've yet to see a anyone using a jet pack to really transport themselves. These vehicles are most used for recreation and still considered experimental and under development. 

In most countries you are not officially required a pilot's license to fly a jet pack, but everyone will tell you that getting proper training is a must. Most companies will not sell you a jet pack if you don't pass training.

The Jet Pack Video


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    • profile image

      Ambar 7 years ago

      coll. whaer did they come up with that stuff i like the weele thing um the ........... oh the monno welle

    • profile image

      Transportation Collection Agency 7 years ago

      The Carver One looks like so much fun. Where can I get one?

      The video of the guy on the Segway is classic...just before he crashes he says "I got it." Yeah Right.