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Séjour en France. Ch 8. Burgundy Country, p2. Beaune▼

Updated on January 4, 2012

Before getting into Beaune, there was this scene along the way. Grape vines growing right up to the side of the road. Another example of how the French use space. Use it for the important things. For the utilitarian stuff, sleeping, restrooms and such, use as little as possible.

We got into Beaune about six o’clock. This is a town Mike particularly wants to see.

I am glad. Everywhere, a picture before my eye. This place is amazing. The whole country is amazing. Such beauty. Such attention to beauty. It is as if beauty were a living being here in France. Beauty creates harmony in a person’s life. This is a belief of the Navaho people. Somehow I feel the French share that belief. It is not something you have to think about, it just is.

Just have a look at this river and what surrounds it. What a sweet as can be river. It is bordered on both sides by sculptures, shrubs, flowers and plants. Another pleasure to the eye, the senses. I am loving this.

The buildings are magnificent. A restaurant.

Outside covered area for dining pleasure. Imagine sitting here eating and listening to a light pattering rain.

Beautiful sculpture in the front yard of this restaurant.

Around a corner and making our way to the town square.

Suddenly the whole square opens before us.

The steeples and statues on those old buildings were so beautiful I took picture after picture, hoping somehow to capture the majesty of it all.

In the middle of Beaune is, Hospices de Beaune, which opened in the 15th Century for the destitute and poor. At that time, the immediate and surrounding area people were declared destitute because of political warring of the 100 Years War, its ending, and its consequences. Hospices de Beaune, was highly active and anyone, but anyone, could go there to be treated or to get whatever care they needed. It is now a museum. It is today as it was when it opened. An example of 15th Century architecture in France. Think back to what the US was at this time. There was no US. This is before the time of Columbus.

We didn’t go in, the grounds were unbelievable enough. Lots of walkways loaded with flowers, shrubbery, statues, places to sit and relax, to get transfixed by, if that is what you feel like doing. Not hard here, I imagine. Grapes growing here and there as well.

Pete had shown me pictures of it the first time he was here, and now, seeing up close with my own eye, what a beauty. The gardens were particularly fascinating to me.

What amazing art work. What imagination.

As I say, grapes growing here and there. 

Fascinating about Beaune are the small side streets and alleyways, if that is what they are called, so uniquely Europe, or, at least as I understand Europe.

What an immeasurable and pleasant surprise to go around a corner and see what each had in store. In fact, it got to the point where I’d walk up to a corner, pause, and then turn to see what was there and sometimes what I found when I saw made me stop and just look and stare.

One street simply a back alley, behind café’s and stores. On both sides the clean, brown three story buildings, with ornate street lamps leaping out onto the street. Many of the windows had opened shutters with a balcony, closed in by white wrought iron. The street curved and so I made my way down. By now I’d seen a lot of streets of this type, but this one lane street seemed more interesting somehow, perhaps it was the street lamps or the soft look to the buildings. Warm, clean, well cared for. Just a back alley, it was.

I came down this alleyway. Wow. I ran back to get Felista. “Check this out,” I said to her.

At long last we decided to stop and have a bite. Or at least a beer. There is a convenient cafe, with the town square spread out before us.

A closer look at the facade of the building behind Mike.

Trip inside the café to the toilett. I love this. It is like being accompanied on your way.

Kind of fuzzy, I know, but still, you get the idea. More beauty.

Now, time to get on the road. 

Few more sights along the way. Lack of space. Parking on the sidewalk is okay.

Horse collars. I wonder how long ago and how many grapes these horses towed?

Imagine seeing this kind of thing every day? I mean, you have got to be calm and peaceful inside.

I walked all the way down to get a close picture. I just wanted to get close to see it and feel it, while Felista and Mike and Jim waited for me. They are so patient with me.

A Picasso. Can you believe it? Ah, such attention to art.

The sky as we made our way out of Beaune and on to Besancon.

Is it any wonder Impressionist painting originated in France. With a sky like that, how could it not?


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