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Island of Gozo - Advantages of Relocating to a small island

Updated on August 16, 2016

Jewels from Gozo, Malta

Ramla Bay, Gozo, Malta I can help you with long/short accommodation. Leave a Comment.
Ramla Bay, Gozo, Malta I can help you with long/short accommodation. Leave a Comment.
Marsalforn Gozo, Malta
Marsalforn Gozo, Malta

Living in Gozo has its advantages when you come to think of it. Some people would say that living on an island the size of Gozo, only 9 miles by 5 would make them feel like living in a prison, marooned and shut off from the rest of the world. Well they are entitled to their opinion of course. It may have been so way back in the early 19th C when air transport was non-existent but it is obviously not the case any more. Times change and perceptions change too.

Nowadays, people who know about Gozo look on Gozitans with a faint twinge of jealousy perhaps, because here, the inhabitants enjoy many advantages, blessings if you like. Those who visit Gozo for the first time become immediately aware of its redeeming features. I think that there is no need to mention the beautiful central mediterranean climate with our prevailing numerous days of sunshine (well over 300 in a year) which we even enjoy in January and February which are the coldest and rainy months.

1. One is conscious of the clean-air environment as soon as one disembarks from the Gozo Channel ferry at Mgarr. The circulating fresh air prevails on the island of Gozo as a result of its small size and owing to the fact that every slight breeze tends to sweep clean the atmosphere from one end of the island to the other.

2. The tranquil way of life of the inhabitants. They are as energetic and active as they come, but they tend to go about their business with ease and take life at a leisurely pace. Observe the attitude of the car drivers. Even when caught up in a slow-moving line of traffic* they do not swear at one another and you do not hear the angry honking of horns. They let the pedestrians use the zebra-crossings as they should and they give way to other cars coming out of the side streets. I drive in Gozo all the time because I live there and I have repeatedly noted with satisfaction this 'tolerant' attitude of the local drivers (bless them).

*(yes, this happens in Gozo too, once in a while and especially on some week-ends when people from Malta, the sister Island cross over for a quiet break)

3. In a small island like Gozo, people are not hindered by distances. One can go anywhere in 10 minutes at the most. I know that some people abroad have to travel 2 hours to their place of work and back every day. That makes their work day 12 hours long, poor guys. Many people here have their own car and they only use it to go from one village to the other since in any one locality people go on foot or sometimes they use a bicycle. Environmentally speaking, I would wish to see more people using bicycles in Gozo because they are really very practical. Besides nowadays we have quite a satisfactory public bus service.

4. In Gozo the villages are still separate from one another by relatively vast stretches of countryside. Apart from the primeval appearance and beauty this gives to the island, it implies that many folk from the villages still have enough space to practise part-time agriculture resulting in fresh produce in the local market every day. It is a treat to go for a morning stroll to the market in Victoria and see and smell the freshly-picked green vegetables, the apettizing red tomatoes and many kinds of other fruit. Some items are imported but nothing beats the Gozo products for their taste and goodness. Everybody knows that. The same goes for meat and fish. The villages of Xewkija, Gh'Sielem and the only seaport of Mgarr are synonymous with the fishing industry and some of the residents of these localities are full-time fishermen. They supply the market with their fresh catches although again some varieties are imported.

And I must not leave out our beautiful beaches, creeks and inlets. All picturesque, some sandy and others rocky and each of them safe and excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Ramla Bay, Dwejra and Hondoq ir-Rummien are three popular beaches which are still almost untouched by human hand while Marsalforn and Xlendi are well-developed for tourism with Hotels and self-catering flats, etc.

5. Living on a small island implies always having people that you know around you, not just your relatives and your closest friends but the men and women you work with, people that you know only by sight and all sorts of other acquaintances. It's almost like living in a large extended family and hence as a general rule the great majority of the towns-folk perhaps subconsciously tries to stick to the inbred rules of the social circle. Which is a good thing, in my opinion since there is less underhand activities and more harmony. In the big cities no one knows anybody else or cares about anybody else. Nobody nods at you as you brush shoulders on the sidewalks much less smiles a good-morning at you. I was in Palermo once and I saw a man who got hit by a car on a busy street. The poor man fell to the ground and the car kept going. I ran to his help and assisted him to the pavement. Luckily he was not badly hurt but what astonished me most was the fact that nobody else offered to lend a hand. They just looked on as if they just couldn't care less. At least that's what I was led to think.

Living in a somewhat close community might be considered a harassment by some people who are used to live in the big cities, but for myself I accept these little benefits as godsent gifts. Nowadays, in this chaotic existence of construction, congestion and noise, peace and quiet are the most sought-after qualities in a place of residence. The crime rate here in Gozo is non-existent. You see people sitting in the cafes having a relaxing break chatting with friends knowing that their young children are safe playing merrily in the streets.

I consider myself very lucky to be living in the tranquil surroundings of the small Island of Gozo.

Read More on Gozo by clicking one of the Links above and feel free to leave a Comment so that I can contact you with genuine help with accommodation.

Malta - the Island Where I Live.


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    • NewHorizons profile imageAUTHOR

      Joseph Attard 

      5 years ago from Gozo, Malta, EU.

      Thanks Peggy W for your suggestion of the map. I've now added the map capsule. Kind Regards.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Your life of living on the small island of Gozo seems tranquil and beautiful from reading your hub. You might wish to put a map capsule showing where Gozo is located for those who do not know much about geography. Enjoyed reading this. Thanks! Up and interesting votes.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My parents are running a bed and breakfast in Gozo. Hope the situation will be resolved soon. Good luck with all the help you can give.

    • NewHorizons profile imageAUTHOR

      Joseph Attard 

      7 years ago from Gozo, Malta, EU.

      At the moment we have many refugees coming over from Libya. Malta is acting as a transfer post for them. They arrive by air but mostly by sea. The sea voyage takes about 6 hours from the port of Tripoli to Valletta Grand Harbour. More than a thousand Indian citizens arrived this evening. All refugees are installed in a Hotel for a night or two and then transported by air to their country of birth. This is very important, since we are a very small island and cannot sustain such huge numbers of foreign people. But we help all we can of course.

    • psychlist profile image


      8 years ago from East Tennessee

      Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your home with us.

    • elayne001 profile image


      8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      We lived in the Tongan Islands for a few years and have been on islands where we were the only occupants. Glad you are enjoying your island. Aloha!

    • suny51 profile image


      8 years ago

      beautiful places are my attraction points,if you accept me as a follower i promise to share some of them with you.

    • NewHorizons profile imageAUTHOR

      Joseph Attard 

      8 years ago from Gozo, Malta, EU.

      Sunshyne1975, I think it is beautiful too and most important Gozo is relatively quiet when compared to the large cities of the world. For me, accustomed as I am to live in such a small place, large cites like London, Rome, Barcellona, etc are bewildering. When I see the immensely wide squares and streets and millions of people going by I realize how really small my homeland is. But everything in the world has its adv. and disadvantages.

      The Cruise I liked best was to the North of Europe where there is a lot of greenery, cool temperatures, lakes ......

      I like Cruises because you can relax and live like a millionaire for the few days of the cruise.

    • Sunshyne1975 profile image


      8 years ago from California, US

      That would be a dream come true to live in such a beautiful place. You are very blessed!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      It is a beautiful Island. Yu are very lucky


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