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Smoky Mountain Glimpse

Updated on March 17, 2018

A little glimpse into the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains are no doubt a beautiful sight to see! I am happy to say, my family and I have been lucky enough to explore their beauty. We entered the park through Gatlinburg Tn. It was amazing trying to drive our car through the mountains, the pressures would only allow us to go around 40 mph. Maybe it would let us go more, but I was not pushing my luck and chancing it, plus it was nice taking in all the scenery driving through.

There are many different stops, and paths you can take to explore. We were excited to explore some waterfalls we went, but sadly the levels were so low that there was no waterfall! The kids were pretty disappointed, especially since we hiked 1.5 miles to see the waterfall. A picnic would have been a great addition to our hike, but silly us we forgot to pack some food! We did pack water. ;)

It was a little frightening to see signs to clean up after eating due to individuals getting attacked by bears, we didn't see any. There were also warning signs to watch children closely so they didn't fall over the edge. We heard a lot of stories on the way up the mountain about individuals falling off and not making it, but we all made it back in one piece.

Our favorite part of the mountains was when we reached Clingmans Dome. It is a very short hike, only about half a mile. However, it is very, very steep. Considering it is the highest point of the mountain! The Dome is at 6,643 feet up, it was an amazing sight to see, it would have been incredible to see it in the dark. Can you imagine all those stars?! Stars are something I don't get to see much of at home, with all the city lights getting in the way. If hiking is your thing--you need to go to the Dome.

Another cool little aspect the kids and I enjoyed every night was in Piegon Forge (cause that's actually where we stayed) was a fountain/light show. It changed colors to different songs, was very fun to watch. That is located at the "Island" in Piegon Forge. They have a shopping center and games, and a HUGE 200 foot high observation wheel. (did see a little expensive for us so we didn't go on this)

Just a little glimpse into the Smoky Mountains, a beautiful sight to see.

© 2018 Kayla


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