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Sochi Travel Tips

Updated on January 28, 2014

What is Sochi

Sochi is one of the most beautiful and big Russian resort cities. Sochi is an official name for the central part of the resort which includes other districts like Lazarevskoe, Hosta and Adler. The city of Sochi is situated at the bottom of the Caucasian mountains and on the shore of the Black Sea. The latitude of the city is the same as that of Nice and Toronto. Sochi is known for its unique combination of Alpine and Mediterranean climate. If you want to visit Sochi, be it for the Olympic Games or some other reason, here is a guide for you.

City of Sochi
City of Sochi

Ways To Get To Sochi

There are various ways to get to Sochi: by train, by airplane or by ship. If you travel with small kids, plan simpler itineraries.

The quickest way to get to Sochi is by air. There are direct airways to Sochi from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. The flights are provided by the Aeroflot air company. Every day more than 15 flights take place from three airports in Moscow: Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Sheremetevo. A typical Moscow-Sochi flight lasts for about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Traveling by train in Russia is a great possibility to see the country and different cities. But such a trip takes a lot of time. On the average it takes 24-30 hours to come from Moscow to Sochi by train.

There is a port in Sochi and it has a direct sea connection with Novorossijsk and Trabzon in Turkey. You can go from Sochi to Holland, Portugal, Finland and other countries.

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Things To See in Sochi

Thanks to its unique climate Sochi offers a lot of possibilities for time-passing regardless of the season. Adventurers can explore caves, go down the Belaya river by rafts and fly over the sea using a parachute. Besides this, there are many other ways to entertain yourself in Sochi: horse-riding, yacht-sailing, mountain climbing, visiting waterfalls. You can go up to the Tower on the Ahun mountain and enjoy the dramatic view of the Caucasus.

Main Sochi Sights

Arboretum. The park is situated in the very center of Sochi. It has about 1500 kinds of different plants, including trees and bushes. There is a huge collection of pine-trees, palm-trees, oak-trees, cypresses and lots of exotic subtropical plants. The park consists of two parts: lower and higher level. The lower level has an aquarium with many kinds of fish living in the Black Sea. In some corners of the park you may see collections of plants that come from Japan, China, Australia, North and South America, the Mediterranian.

Arboretum in Sochi
Arboretum in Sochi

Saint George and Trinity women monastery. The monastery is situated in the middle of the mountains. It is surrounded by the fast river called Sahe. It is believed that those who pray in the monastery get healing, better luck, hope, belief, love, protection and help in work and creativity.

Saint George and Trinity women monastery in Sochi
Saint George and Trinity women monastery in Sochi

Achishkho mountain range. The pedesrian path has been open since 1920s. It is a beautiful place for the hikers who can see the unique beauty of this place with so many wonderful views of the Caucasus. The mountain range hosts Alpine meadows full of tall grass and flowers, the famous waterfall Brothers, giving birth to the river Achipsei, observation decks from where you can see the sea, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers.

Achishkho mountain range in Sochi
Achishkho mountain range in Sochi

Eagle Rocks and waterfalls of the Agur Canyon. From here you can get a hilarious view of the Agur Canyon and the mountain chain. The horseshoe of Eagle Rocks winding around the Canyon, consists of two levels. The distance between the higher observation deck and the bottom of the canyon is really huge. You can see three waterfalls down in the canyon and get a full view of the seacoast of Sochi.

A beautiful waterfall in the Agur Canyon in Sochi
A beautiful waterfall in the Agur Canyon in Sochi

Eating Out in Sochi

Sochi is a tourist city, so you can easily find a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars. You can get familiar with the Russian cuisine which is very colourful and versatile. Most restaurants offer a vegetarian menu. An you have an Internet access in most restaurants, too. You can find the necessary information about eating out in your hotel or in the tourist agency.

Lodging in Sochi

The best way to know Sochi better is to stop in private homes and mini-hotels. You can contact many hosts via email and call them.

You can go to any tourist agency in Sochi and find your hotel there. But in order to not get disappointed about the place and service, it is better to plan and book a place in advance.

Calls and Mobile

How do you dial?

International calls: dial +, then the country code.

Calls in Russia: dial +7, then the city code.

Sochi phone code: +7, then 8622

Moscow phone code: +7 495 or 499.

Police and Emergency: 112.

Local Currency

All payments are accepted in roubles. Even if you can see euro and dollar in price lists, you still pay in roubles. You can exchange dollars, euros and any other currency in any local bank.

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