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Sodwana revisited day 3

Updated on June 12, 2012
This is no Vervet Monkey exploring our campsite
This is no Vervet Monkey exploring our campsite | Source

Sodwana revisited- The Battle of the Apes Continues.


Secured out tent, packed all edibles in the trailer and felt that there was nothing to attract the monkeys. They had been a bit of a nuisance during the night, arguing for a while in the trees above our tent, but soon we, or they, or both of us went to sleep, and so peace prevailed, or perhaps a Mexican Standoff.

We left for a beautiful walk on the beach with the wind now nothing but a light breeze. Collected pieces of Coral and shells, including a couple of rare Cowrie Shells, enjoyed a cup of coffee on the deck of the little shop overlooking the sea, and then made our way back to camp. The shells, coral and some pretty stones, polished by wave action, are going to make an important part of the practical group work of my Social Psychology course.

When we got back and opened the front zip of the tent, we immediately saw that something was not right. One of my boxes of tablets that I had left in my suitcase in the tent was lying on the floor. How could this possibly be as the zipped door to the inside/bedroom area was still secure? On further inspection we saw that the miserable monkeys had, in fact, got into the tent and trashed my tablets that were in a side pocket of my suitcase.

Audrey solved the problem of how they had got in. The tent has two entrances into the sleeping area and they had opened the zipper on the side behind the table and fridge/cooler-box to gain access. It seems as if all they had found and had eaten were my 20 Berroca C tablets. They had tasted a couple my heart tablets after opening the sealed containers, but then spat them out.

We were now angry and our previous mild annoyance towards these unwanted guests turned in to some aggressive talk. Corporal punishment and even the death penalty was discussed, but the monkeys, now safely in the trees around our camp site, looked unconcerned even if they did appear rather psyched up, perhaps because of the heavy dose of vitamin C.

Round two to the monkeys!


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    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 4 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Same about Hawaii, its on my wish list. Thanks for the comment!

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