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Some Tail-Wagging Trip Tips: Traveling with your Dog!

Updated on April 4, 2011

The summer travel season will be upon us very soon. After surviving a brutal winter, the beaches or the mountain lakes may be calling your name. Imagine feeling the sand at your feet and the wind in your hair with a leash in your hand. You should start planning the family road trip today. In fact, taking your furry companion with you can be great fun for the entire family. After all, dogs are part of the family too!

To ensure the safety and comfort of your four-legged and two-legged family members keep these helpful tips in mind:

·         Be sure to use a pet carrier or buckle up your dog. It is safer for all the car’s occupants

·         Keep your dog on a leash. Even if your dog is well-trained for off-leash excursions, it can roam out of your presence very quickly

·         Make sure that identification is up-to-date and on your dog’s collar. This includes a cell phone or other number where you can be reached in case you are separated. You may want to consider a micro chip. They are designed to last your pet’s entire lifetime and they link to a permanent listing in national lost pet databases. Contact your vet prior to your trip for details. This could help with recovery if the unthinkable happens

·         Don’t forget to pack your dog’s favorite blanket and some toys. These items will provide comfort and entertainment for your pooch and will keep him/her out of trouble. Dogs need to be stimulated, so that they don’t get bored

·         Pack your dog’s dish and favorite food. You don’t want to have a dog with digestive upset traveling with you. Maintaining the same diet that they have at home will ensure a more pleasant travel experience

·         Don’t forget medications and vitamins. As with the human members of the family, dogs need to maintain the same medication schedule as if they were at home. This will keep your dog healthy. Speak with your vet prior to the trip to review an administration plan

·         Train your dog. A well-trained pet will ensure a happier and more enjoyable trip for all

·         Before you set out for your journey, plan your route and look for pet friendly lodging options. Two great websites that can help you are and Both sites have a plethora of helpful travel information

These tips should help with the safety and comfort of the entire family. Enjoy your vacation with your tail-wagging companion. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures!


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