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Some Tips to Save Money When Traveling to Hong Kong

Updated on March 22, 2016

1. Travel by yourself

Don’t travel with any tour, you can explore many things and feel more comfortable about time when traveling alone.

2. Book hotel

You can check hotel information and MTR maps (subway, search on the internet) to choose the right hotel near MTR. Hong Kong has two islands which are convenient for you to go shopping are Kowloon and Hong Kong. Each island has an area, you can stay wherever but the important thing is to choose a place near the MTR to travel easily.

3. Check info on weather

In order to know about the Hong Kong weather, you should search on Google with the keyword “”Hongkong forecast”, which will show you the the right temperature for 7 days to prepare appropriate clothing.

4. Move from Hong Kong airport to the center

Hong Kong airport is located on Lantau Island, while the majority of tourists stay in the Kowloon peninsula or Hong Kong Island. Therefore, they have to move one more stage. There are three forms:

+ Taxi: Taxi in Hong Kong airport is located in the Terminal 2. The average price is about 260-280 HKD to Kowloon side, also on the island of Hong Kong is about 340 -360 HKD (additional surcharge of passage through the Straits). However, you should know that it is very inconvenient when traveling by taxi if the street is crowded. It takes you about 35-40 minutes from the airport to Kowloon, about 45-50 minutes to Hong Kong Island. It is not expensive at all if three or four guests take one taxi.

+ Airport Express Train: the train line serves the airport and it has high speed, just over 24 minutes to Central Station in Hong Kong Island. This ship just stopped a few stations such as: Airport – Tsing Yi – Kowloon – Hong Kong. If anyone is in Kowloon, he can catch a taxi to the hotel. Tourists are in Hong Kong Island; they can travel to the end of the Hong Kong station and take taxi. Airport Express is fast, but it cost a little expensive price.

+ Bus: This means of transportation has the cheapest prices, about 30-40 HKD / person. The bus stop is located on the ground floor inside Terminal 1, just follow signposts, very easy for you to find. However, you have to know before the right number of bus you need take, the place you have to take off. From the hotel, you can address on a map. Bus is cheap but it takes you longer time than taxi and train. However, it’s an opportunity for those who like sightseeing, especially in the evening.


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