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Some interesting things about Spain

Updated on April 14, 2012

Spain is officially actually called 'Kingdom of Spain' or 'Reino de españa' in Spanish!
The capital of Spain is Madrid
Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe - it is 667 metres above sea level.
Madrid is situated precisely in the middle of Spain!
There is a population of approximately 45 million - the 6th largest in Europe
There are four official and co-official languages spoken - Castillian (Spanish), Galician, Euskara, and Catalan.
The north of Spain is largely wet and temperate and the south is often dry and hot.
The centre of Spain is generally quite cool and can be extremely cold in winter.
The kingdom of Spain once included Portugal!
508, 780 sq km is the approximate area of Spain.
The currency of Spain is the Euro which was introduced in 2002, replacing the Spanish Peseta.
About 90% of the population are Roman Catholic, but there is a freedom of religion in Spain.
There are around 500,000 gypsies living mainly in larger cities.
Other religions populating Spain largely include Protestant, Muslim and Judaism.
Spain is one hour ahead of the United Kingdom (GMT + 1)
The top three largest cities in Spain are Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona
Spain is the second highest country in Europe (The first being Switzerland)
Spain is made up of 17 autonomos regions
Same-sex marriage is legal in Spain.
The Basques in north-east Spain invented the beret and the Spanish eat a lot of snails - things commonly associated with France!
The Spanish national day is the 12th of October
The Spanish national anthem is called La Marcha Real (The Royal March).
Spain has a parliamentary monarchy government.
The pomegranate is the symbol of the Spanish city of Granada.
The two main newspapers of Spain are "El mundo" and "El país".
The average life expectancy in Spain is 79.
Some famous artists were Spanish, including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miró.
The patron saint of Spain is Saint James (Santiago).
Bullfighting is popular in Spain, and is considered an art as well as a sport.
Spain is 5 times bigger than the United Kingdom.
Spain has borders with Andorra, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, and Morocco.
Spain was ruled from 1939 to 1975 by Dictator Francisco Franco.
Spain has 4,964 km of coastline
There are over 344,000 bars! Great nightlife!
Spain has over 8,000 km of beaches.
Bats are common in Spain and are actually the symbol of Valencia.
The tooth fairy is not recognised in Spain. They have a tooth mouse named Ratoncito Perez!
Flamenco is the musical genre in Spain that uses rapid passages and intricate footwork.
During the 16th century, Spain was one of the most powerful empires in the world.
About 40 percent of Spaniards between the ages of 17 and 24 are smokers.
Spain has one of Europe's highest rates of AIDS.
In Spain, people eat lunch at 2 pm, and dinner at 9-10 pm
Paella is the traditional dish of Spain - "Tortillas" are also popular.
Spain is the closest European country to Africa
Spain is a large country in Western Europe
Extends approximately 805km north to south and 885km west to east.
Includes two very different groups of islands - the Canaries and the Mediterranean Balearic Islands


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