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Some things I love about China

Updated on March 12, 2010


Park in Shaoxing
Park in Shaoxing

Some things I love about China

I confess to have some likes and dislikes about China, but will focus on the good things here.

The Chinese are enthusiastic about their gardens - not so much in their homes as many Chinese people do not have much space or time to do gardening, but those who live in housing complexes are usually surrounded by extra ordinary landscaping.

As it is Spring, many of the trees and bushes are sprouting new growth and buds, and in a few weeks time there will be more great vistas. It has been cold so the new growth has slower than usual.

It amazes me that along the highways and roadways there are extra ordinary landscapes on the side of the road. Not just trees planted in informal fashion, but great thought has gone into the selection of plants so that there is a clear plan. At huge roundabouts the plants are low, so that there is good visibility around the roadways.

There are some larger trees but they are spaced so as not to impede visibility. And when they bloom it is wonderful to see.

The roadways are kept clean by a small army of usually elderly people who sweep with native brush brooms and continually pick up rubbish to keep the highways and roads neat and tidy.

Every suburb seems to have a park, often with a lake or adjacent to a canal, and you can walk through and visit temples, pavilions, gardens, etc. The pavilions are often used by elderly people. They might sit and chat, or play cards or board games.

Recycling is done on a grand scale here - but not in the way we do it in Australia. Recycling things is done by another army of folk, who collect used recyclable or reusable items from homes, factories, shops. On the campus, someone comes around on a regular basis and goes through the rubbish, sorting out what goes to what area. It is amazing really. (In Oz we do recycle - but we throw things into a recycle bin that is collected by our council, along with other household refuse. It is removed separately and the recyclables are sorted at a central place.

The foods. Who could not love the Chinese foods? There are so many different foods, varieties and they are so inexpensive. Here we can buy food from street vendors or go to upmarket restaurants. Every time one visits an eatery it is a new experience. Exciting.

Fruit and vegetables - some of which we only see in China. The people love fresh fruit and it is easy to buy it, but some of it is not know to us. Really different. I love trying out new fruits and vegetables.

The people. They are very friendly, and I feel a greater warmth from them this time. I think a lot has happened in the 12 months I have been away - more awareness of the rest of the world maybe - due to the Internet and television.

The history. It is amazing how much of their long history is kept for future generations. They tend to preserve old famous places and build high rise on land that has not held a lot of history. I've visited the homes of people long dead, but whose memories are kept alive by these amazing museums. Only in China can I see a bed museum, and a wood museum. And so many more so that future generations can see for themselves how their ancestors lived.

The colours are spectacular and in the temples that seem to be everywhere there is much to see and learn.

The English translations are often good, but some are hilariously funny, but I appreciate the way there is an effort to help non-Chinese speakers (or at least English speakers) understand what is around them. It is not always easy, and I am pleased i have an electronic translator with me. It does make it easier.

The fashions - I must admit I done like them all, but they do have some wonderful ideas and the girls do like being tizzed up in pretty outfits. There are row upon row of fashion stores with really exciting things in them. Sadly too small for me, but then I am lucky. I can save my money.

Television.  I am not a great fan of television but  do enjoy CCTV9 in China. I am intererested in some of the news items, especially where it focuses on the government plans for this vast country.  My favourite programs though are the interviews with Chinese people about their lives, the documenteries about China, and the cooking segments. There's very little commercialism too - something that I enjoy.


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    • tim-tim profile image

      Priscilla Chan 

      8 years ago from Normal, Illinois

      Nice hub! Thanks for sharing your positive experience with us!

    • Paradise7 profile image


      8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Terrific hub with some amazingly attractive pics. Thank you. I found the info about recycling and road-sweeping in China very interesting. We could use our human resources here in America who are now unemployed the same way, and benefit greatly.

    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 

      8 years ago

      Great hub and amazing pictures. Yes, all these things are lovable and I knew some of these things you mentioned before as my aunt has lived there for about a year.


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