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Sonamarg Travel Guide with Suitable Lodging, Activities and Attractions

Updated on December 7, 2013


Sonamarg is a hill station in the coastal region of the river Sind. Bearing the STD code of 0194 and PIN code of 191202, it is at a height of 2730 meters from the ground. Sonamarg in English means the 'Meadow of Gold.' Surrounded by the snowy mountains and pine forests this place is the paradise for both the tourists and trekkers. In the winter, this hill station remains under the cover of the snow. People believe once, in the past, there was a well in the place. The water of the well blessed to turn anything into the gold.

How to get there

If one plans to travel by the railways, then one needs to get down either at the Udhampur station or the Jammu Station. Udhampur locates around 240 Kilometers away while Jammu locates around 300 Kilometers away from Sonamarg. From here, buses and taxis are available to get to the place. Alternately, one may travel by the Airways for a comfort and quick journey. Srinagar has the nearest airport to Sonamarg. The distance between Sonamarg and Srinagar is 80 Kilometers. State transport buses are available from Srinagar to this place. Besides, one may also choose to travel in hiring cars. Moreover, Gulmarg is 125 kilometers away from Sonamarg. Learn more about Gulmarg travel guide and its tourist attraction from the hub link alongside


Sonamarg acts like the base camp for tourists traveling from Srinagar to Amaranth. Hence, some of the best hotels that offer the comfort of home are available here. The options that are available are the state tourist hotels and the private hotels. The rent for the state tourist hotels like the hotel Alpine ranges from RS 2500 to RS 6500. The double bedroom rent in the private hotels like the hotel Sonamarg glacier, hotel Sonamarg Palace, hotel Snowland varies from RS 4000 to RS 8000. Besides, several other hotels are available with the check out time of 12 noon. One has to pay ten percent extra charges along with the rent as service charge.


Sonamarg has all the major attractions that tourists could enjoy. It attractions ranges from beautiful parks, flowing rivers, snow-covered mountains to religious structures. People could enjoy here several activities as mentioned above. Some of the important attractions are as given below:

  • Thajiwas Glacier: It locates within three kilometers from the Sonamarg. One may hire a pony to reach the glacier. Sledge riding is an important activity people enjoy here. It has the backdrop of snow-covered mountains and thick jungles.
  • Island Retreat park: It is four kilometers away from Sonamarg. The cool breeze coming from the nearby river Sind creates a cheerful atmosphere. People often gather here in camps because of the natural beauty of the place.
  • Zoji-La Pass: Also known as the Zoji Pass or Zojila locates nine kilometers away from Sonamarg. The Ladakh Plateau Gateway is the perfect spot to experience the natural beauty of the region. Well-known as one of the highest pass that remains closed during winters.
  • Khir Bhawani Temple: This temple dedicated to Goddess Bhavani locates in the Tula Mula village in the east direction of Srinagar. The popular regional festival of Jehst Ashtami is held here in the May/June month annually.
  • Charari Sharief: Locates 40 kilometers away from Srinagar and is one ancient shrine. It is the holy place for the Muslim. More than 600 years ago, built-in memory of the Sufi saint, Sheikh Nooruddin. Though this historic place has gone through many natural and artificial disturbances but, still it stands erect. With the efforts of the people and government it reconstructed several times.


One may engage in adventure activities like motoring, rafting and trekking. One may do rafting from Sonamarg at the cost of RS 400 for three Kilometers. Besides, one may also engage in fishing in the Sind river but for this one has to take permission from the Srinagar fishing department first. Some of the trekking routes of Sonamarg are Sonamarg-Vishansar glacier, Sonamarg-Krishansar lake, Sonamarg-Gangabal glacier and Sonamarg-Baltal valley, Jozilla pass and Sonamarg-Amarnath cave.


Known for its rich culture and festivals, this place spread colors to human life. Some of the festivals people celebrate with pomp are Losar, Holi and Diwali. Several touring packages are available and the price may vary from RS 1500 to RS 2000 per head.

Best time to travel

The Indian summer from April to November ideal time to visit the place. It enjoys a subtropical weather with cool winter and mild summer with showers of rainfall. So, one must carry warm, cosy and waterproof wears along.


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