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South America Travel: The 5 Major Geographies of Peru

Updated on February 16, 2012

Peru is one of the most visited countries in South America. There is a reason why, it’s because no other country in the world has such a beautiful and divers geography and econ system then in Peru. This country has truly been gifted with some of the most beautiful country in the world. You will defiantly not want to miss any part of the 5 categories of natural beauty that Peru has to offer on your next trip.

1. Beaches – Many visitors to Peru should first experience the gorgeous beaches Peru has to offer on its extended coastline. When you land in the main capital of Chile from there, it is only a short car ride to the beaches. There are calm waves for those looking to relax and the mighty roar of pacific waves for those surfers at heart. The most beautiful beaches and accommodations can be found near the cities of Mancora and Tumbes. Where you can relax and wake up to the sound of the wave’s right outside your window on one of the many ocean resorts.

2. Mountains – The second longest mountain range in the world also glimpses parts of Peru’s border. These mountains have played a significant role in the history of Peruvian culture. It has provided a source of food and water for many of the people who have surrounded these beautiful foot hills. If, you are searching for the perfect trekking opportunity, to see some of the Peruvian ecology in the mountains, then head for the 4 day trek to machu picchu. It is a life changing and unforgettable experience.

3. Jungles. The Amazon rain forest also stretched over this country with almost a 30% coverage, so there is no way you can miss it. There are many national reserves that offer tours, so you can see some of the native ecology, animals and biodiversity of this breathtaking rain forest. The Manu Nature Reserve is one of the most stunning for visitors to see. They offer jungle lodges, so you can spend a couple of glorious days listening to the sounds of a real jungle. There are zip lines and canopy walks across the jungle. You can even set a canoe out and look for the famous piranha fish up close and personal. There are unforgettable memories in the Amazon rainforest waiting to be explored.

4. Canyons – Seeing everything else you must also include a trip to the famed Peruvian canyons. The two largest ones are near the city of Caraz. The Pato Canyon and the Colca Canyon. The Colca canyon has been measured and is considered the deepest canyon n the world. There are terrific trails that many people enjoy taking the day to trek upon. You can enjoy watching the exotic wildlife, and if you’re quiet you might even see one of the beautiful condors that roam the skies of these large canyons.

5. Deserts- Peru have a lot of desert among the other 4 types of geographical features. The Peruvian coast is actually made up of almost 70% desert. If you like the clear desert sky or are just looking for some of the highest sand dunes in the western hemisphere then look towards the town of Ica. This hidden oasis of Huacachina has many opportunities for those that love the desert sports.

No matter what you decide to in Peru and the area you visit every place will be truly a unique and changing experience.


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