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South America Travel: Visiting Bolivia

Updated on May 29, 2012

There are many places that are popular to visit in South America. But, have you considered going someplace that few people get to experience? Some place, which seems to be untouched by time? A place back in the old world, where the traditions of people define who they truly are? Where can you find such a place in South America? Bolivia is this untouched paradise.

Bolivia is the only country in South America that is land locked. It is famous for its high mountains, grassy farmlands, and tropical forest. Most people cross into Bolivia from Peru using the road or waterway that empties into Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is actually shared by both Peru and Bolivia as a natural source of fresh water and a link to trade down many of the rivers that empty into the Atlantic Ocean.

Copacabana: This is the first city that most people will encounter on their trip into Bolivia. Its, warm and welcoming atmosphere is an incredible experience. This city is considered a twin city of the Puno which is a similar city that sits on the opposite side of Lake Titicaca. The people here are warm and friendly, and really make you feel welcome in their town. There are yearly festivals that take place here that celebrate the founding of this historical city. The festivals include dishes and a plate from all of the local regions so is considered a food lover’s dream.

La Paz is considered the capital of Bolivia even though it is the unofficial capital. According to the national constitution the city of Sucre is the official capital of Bolivia. What is unusual about this city it is actually the highest capital city in the world. Situated, in the middle of an Andes mountain range high above the plateaus and valleys of the surrounding areas. This made a marvellous place to build a city, because it was easily defendable back in ancient times. The people here have a unique and fascinating city and still today the majority of the population here is indigenous or of original Indian heritage. Because of the conquest of the European nations in other countries the percentage is actually quite smaller in other countries like Brazil, Peru or Argentina. But, since Bolivia was one of the hardest countries to penetrate due to mountains all around it was relatively untouched for most of its history.

One of the largest salt flat formations in the world is in this country. It actually stretches for over 10000 square kilometers. If, you ever wanted to be an astronaut on the moon this is probably the closest place to a lunar landscape then you will find anywhere. Many people start off in the small village of Uyuni and travel the salt flats north to experiences some of the unique terrain anywhere on earth. Some of the interesting features of the salt flats include a natural formation of bubbling mud pool along with many thermal hot springs. The animal and plant life out here is unbelievable to be able to survive in some of these harsh conditions. There are no grand accommodations out here in the villages that surround the flats so come prepared to camp if needed. But, if you do you can more of the milky way and starts in their true splendor.

No matter what you decide to do in this forgotten country it will be the experience of a lifetime for you. So, come prepared for an adventure, because that is what is waiting for you in the country of Bolivia.


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