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South America Travel: Wine Tourism in Chile and Argentina

Updated on April 4, 2012

Lover of wine? Me too. That is why I have to let you know about the great places in Chile and Argentina that you can visit to see some of the world’s top wineries. These are people who have truly made making wine into an art form and not just a job. The people take such immense pride in their work to bring you the best wine from every glass that is made. To visit one of these wineries in either country is truly a privilege and an adventure.

The vineyards are grown at the foot hills of the eclipsing mountain range of the Andes. The concentrations of the famous wines that are shipped around the world are produced here in the northwestern part of Argentina. They are considered in the top 5 in the world, for producing wine.

Wine production in Argentina originally started in the early 1500s when the conquistadors and Spanish colonizers started to occupy the land. Argentina soon became a powerhouse on the world stage for importing/exporting of wine.

The City of Mendoza is now the leading producer of wine in all of Argentina. It produces about 80% of all the wine that comes out of the country. As, you take a trip down there winding mountain roads you can see the beauty of thousands of vines growing the sweet berries to turn into wine. Mendoza is situated in such a location that it is perfect for growing with the high altitude and lower humidity. It also get regular rain falls for watering that come over from the Andes Mountains to sprinkle the Vines with morning dew.

Some of the world’s most renowned wines come from this tiny city in northwest Argentina. Some of you may recognize that are featured regularly in Wine Magazines are Malbec, and Torrontes. Other wine regions you may want to consider are in Salta and Jujuy these areas make up family owned wine producers, which are a unique tour if you can get one. It truly shows how down to earth e culture is there and how well they integrate in with their local towns.

Talking about wine producers in South America we cannot leave out some of the best wines from Chile. Chile too has a long history with wine production and has experienced some world recognition for some of the wine that is so artfully created there. A lot of the techniques that have been introduced in the Chilean vineyards is actually a modification of the techniques a lot of French wine producers use.

The most intriguing thing about the Chilean wine production is that it is extremely compartmentalized. Many of the vineyards do not share or associate with the ones in the central or south and vice versa. The northern regions of Chile are closest to the Andes Mountains, and on these foothills, some of the best wine is made which consist of Pisco grapes and other grapes. While, in the central regions, there is more of a taste for the carbonates and white wines. Than in the poorer south they produce a lot of the boxed and cheaper wines. Each area has its own unique way of making their wine

There has been an enormous boost in the economy of Chile and Argentina, because of an epidemic that has cut wine production in Europe in half. It is the introduction of the Phylloxera, Since Argentina and Chile are far from European coast and relatively isolated in their production of wines it has not affected their vineyards on a large scale like those in Europe. Along with the geography of these two countries they also receive regular rain fall that falls each day that comes from the Andes. Also, the government has adopted many of the advanced irrigation techniques that can be found here in the US. These techniques allow the soil and plants to irrigate a lot of the substances out quickly. This couple of things has allowed even more popularity and tourism to come to these countries.

So, if you are a lover of win like I am, then take a tour of either of these countries wineries if you are there. It will surely be a remember able life time experience for you, and you can even try some of the world’s most exotic wine before it is even bottled and get a true sense of what exquisite wine taste like.


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