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Southern Oregon Treasures

Updated on April 20, 2012

Southern Oregon Treasures

Growing up in Southern California just north of the Las Angeles area in the San Fernando Valley I was unfamiliar with the slower paced life that exists in Southern Oregon. I have found here in the Southern Oregon area a different way of life. Everything moves slower here, the people are more kind, and there are treasures to be found here around every turn. From the beautiful forests, rivers, lakes, and the sea to the local wineries and gourmet food makers, to the cultural melting pot of Ashland to the old mining town of Jacksonville; the Rogue Valley is sure to surprise and tantalize visitors and transplants alike.

Southern Oregon is beautiful, slow paced, fresh, and a treasure all in itself. So come take a rafting trip or a jet boat ride down the Rogue River, take in a play in Ashland at the Shakespeare Festival, go on a wine tasting tour of the valley's numerous vineyards such as Stoneriver Vineyard in Talent. There are so many fun and wholesome activities here, with the friendly people and a local charm that can only come from Oregon one of the most beautiful places on earth.

StoneRiver Vineyard

Photograph is property of Steve Lang and Stoneriver Vineyards. All rights reserved and copyrighted by Steven Lang
Photograph is property of Steve Lang and Stoneriver Vineyards. All rights reserved and copyrighted by Steven Lang | Source

Table Rocks

Local Food Artisans and Businesses

Treasures of Southern Oregon!

Great places to visit and get a taste of Southern Oregon:

  • Rogue Creamery - Home made gourmet cheeses and their award winning Smokey Blue Cheese. They have a wonderful little store with tasting of their products and are located in Central Point Oregon off of Highway 99 and Pine St. Here is their website Rogue Creamery
  • Lillie Belle Farms Artisan Chocolates - Right next door to the Rogue Creamery is Southern Oregon's famous chocolate artisans from Lillie Belle Farms. They are the makers of the most delicious treat the smokey blue cheese truffle. Expensive chocolates but worth every cent. Here is their website Lillie Belle Farms
  • Gary R. West Meats - Some of the best gourmet Jerky in the world is found here in Southern Oregon at Gary R. West Meats located near Jacksonville Oregon. They have an extensive collection of meats and jerky for all tastes. Here is their website Gary R. West
  • Harry and David Gourmet Gifts - Famous for their delicious pears and fruit of the month club. Harry and David is a main hub for employment and produces some of the best gift basket and treats anywhere in the world. Here is their website Harry and David
  • Roxyanne WInery - If you are a wine connoisseur you will enjoy the local wine at Roxyanne Winery. These award winning wines are fast becoming all the rave around the country. Here is their website Roxyanne Winery
  • StoneRiver Vineyard - Also visit my personal friend's family vineyard StoneRiver in Talent Oregon off Pioneer Road. One of the newest vineyards in the valley and you can also book weddings and events in their tasting room.
  • The Oregon Curiosity Shoppe - Local artisans display their wares here at this local treasure trove. From vintage military relics, to art and crafts... there is something for everyone at the Oregon Curiosity Shoppe. Here is their website The Oregon Curiosity Shoppe

Local Events and Things To Do:

  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival - Every year Ashland Oregon's Shakespeare Festival presents classical Shakespeare plays both done in classic and contemporary forms along with new works of the theater. This is so much fun and draws in people from all over the world that love live theatrical entertainment. With four theaters to see the plays in there is always something for everyone. OSF Plays
  • Jackson County Fair - Summer hits and the fair comes to town in Central Point at the Jackson County Fair Grounds. Four-H kids from around the county bring their animals in for the judging, along with arts and crafts from food to pottery the fair is a great boost for the local moral. With rides and concerts, and tons of horribly unhealthy food that tantalizes the taste-buds, the fair is a one stop fun for all and that all people from the young to old will always love to have here. The Jackson County Fair
  • Britt Festival - Concerts under the stars, with open air seating in a park like atmosphere in Jacksonville the Britt Festival is a wondrous treasure to locals and visitors alike. You are allowed to bring in your own food and drink (including alcohol) and sit where you'd like. Britt has drawn in many high name entertainment to this small valley and continues to grow in its notoriety. Britt Festival
  • The Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery - A local oddity in the town of Gold Hill is the Oregon Vortex, an area in the forest where the laws of natural physics seem to be suspended. These vortex points when standing on them can make a taller person shorter and make you sway back and forth without you knowing it is happening. The House of Mystery is just a leaning house but it happens to be right in the vortex area, lucky them they have a secondary attraction. But really it is a fun place to see and is great for people with Kids. Oregon Vortex
  • The Pear Blossom Parade - Local businesses, schools, and groups gather together in down town Medford during the Spring to celebrate all the local agriculture and culture that is the Rogue Valley. Come celebrate with us, enjoy the small town feel and friendly people.
  • Hellgate Jet Boats - These large jet boats skim over the shallows and zoom down the Rogue River at lightening fast speeds, conducting pin point turns and spins for your delight as you are educated about wildlife along the tour and also given a history lesson of the area. At the half way part of your journey you end up at Hellgate Canyon. They offer several tours for your pleasure. Well worth the money! Hellgate Jet Boats
  • Local Bands - There are many local bands which offer many different fusions of music from the Blues Festival to the underground club scene here in the valley many bands hold local celebrity status such as TallBoy and Stereotyped.

Howard Prarie Lake

The Beauty of the Rogue Valley

Nature at it's Best

Here is a list of local natural attractions to visit while you are in Southern Oregon. We have some of the best fishing in America. From Salmon fishing to collecting freshwater craw-fish. Also a past time here is the spring morel mushroom hunting season a favorite past time of mine.

Lakes and Rivers:

  • The Rogue River, Gold Hill, Shady Cove
  • Emigrant Lake, Ashland
  • Roxyanne Mountain and Prescott Park, Medford
  • Applegate Lake, Ruge
  • Willow Lake
  • Agate Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • Hyatt Lake
  • Lost Creek
  • Lake Creek
  • Howard Prairie Lake

Hiking Areas

Southern Oregon

What Else Makes It So Great

Here in Southern Oregon you have a mixture of class and of culture. Southern Oregon has many fun things to do for people who are visiting from other places that have nothing to do with attractions and food like hiking, biking, and skiing Mount Ashland, fishing the Rogue River or one of our many lakes, Hunting and outdoors-men activities, camping, rafting, and water sports. Not far from Klamath and Jackson County's are Diamond Lake and Crater Lake the famous volcano with the clearest deepest waters in all the world. There are the table rocks where glaciers from the last ice age shored off the tops of the mountains as they withdrew back north marking the line the ice had encroached south along the continent. The Rogue River offers salmon fishing for those who love to fish during spawning season. But most of all it is the people here that make Southern Oregon a beautiful wonderful place to be. Come see the beauty, the emerald forests, the white snow capped mountains, the classical towns, the wild rivers, the crystal lakes and just become part of the fun, come visit us because we'd love to have you.


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    • The Rope profile image

      The Rope 7 years ago from SE US

      One of the three states I haven't been to but have at the top of my list BEFORE I leave the country again. Thanks for feeding my dreams...

    • Aqua profile image

      Aqua 8 years ago from California

      Nice hub! I really love Oregon - it's my favorite state! I live in Northern California now but we love to go both Ashland and also to the Gold Beach area to vacation and spend some time at the coast. You've included some great suggestions for the many great things to do while in Oregon. Next time I'm up that way I will have to check out the Rogue Creamery - yum!