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Southwest Airlines destroy luggage

Updated on March 11, 2013

Southwest VS. Luggage

Can airlines destroy your bags and get away with it? Yes, they feel they can. One passenger watched in horror as his bags were thrown from a Southwest airplane and hit the ground. The person on the ground backed up on purpose letting the bags fall. The force caused the bags’ seams to rip apart. You have to wonder what the conveyor belt was for if they are just going to throw luggage out of the plane.

The claims department told the passenger he should make a claim with the manufacture not with them, even though it was their rough handling of the bags that caused the damage.

This is not the first time passenger’s bags get thrown around. Remember the guy with the expensive guitar? Only after a fight did the airlines agree to pay for repairs.

We, as passengers, need to make sure the airlines take responsibility for our luggage. We entrust them with our suitcases. It is reasonable to expect the luggage returned in the same condition it was in when checked in.

When the passengers complain the airlines claim department tells them they have no claim the passenger believes them. This is their job; it saves the airlines money and saves them from taking responsibility.

Southwest Airlines isn’t the only airlines that mistreat your luggage. Why do we let them get away with it? Many stores have a “you break it you bought it” policy holding the customer responsible for any damage they cause. Airlines should be held accountable for their mishandling of passenger’s bags as well. After all, it’s the passenger’s money that keeps the airlines in business.

Airlines need to take responsibility for their employees’ bad behavior. But I’m sure with the attitude, “if you don’t like it you could always drive rather than fly”, they won’t. Until passengers stand up to the airlines, the airlines will not change their policy. Flyers beware if your luggage isn’t indestructible you could find your things all over the runway.


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