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Space A Travel

Updated on February 9, 2010

Space A Travel not a bad deal

Space A Travel is in my opinion one of the best benefits for the military and I will tell you why. Traveling by plane seems to be getting more expensive every day, I just read that some airline will start charging for blankets now. I remember the days when a full meal was provided with no extra cost, now you have to pay for nearly everything when you travel by plane. Well I will be going to England next month and all I will pay for will be a sandwich, the cost of flying from the United States all the way to England will be zero, nada, nil; the reason is because I am in the military and I will be using Space A Travel short for space available travel. I will say though the process can be a little complicated depending on where you are or where you are trying to go, but once you are on the plane and you have room for some flexibility then it is very worth it.I have flown from Okinawa Japan to Hawaii for free and again all I had to pay was for my meals. I had to fly in a cargo plane but everything was provided, seats, seat belt, food for a small cost, and earplugs needed in a C 130 cargo plane.

What is Space A Travel

The United States Air Force has planes leaving from everywhere to everywhere in the world, sometimes these planes have some space available and these space can be taken by military personnel going on leave, military dependents also qualify for this opportunity. Military personnel have to have certain documents in order to travel as well as dependents. Leave, papers, passports, military identification, visas are some of the documents required to travel. There is competition amongst potential passengers and sometimes some people might not get on the plane because someone had a better priority than them.

Who can travel on space A

Military personnel on active duty, military dependents, retirees, military reservist may travel on space available. Again there are certain procedures to go through before traveling. Personnel on emergency leave have the highest priority, then personnel on leave EML leave (Environmental Morale Leave), Personnel on regular leave, dependents also travel in the same category as their active duty sponsors, Reserve personnel under certain restrictions, followed by retiree personnel. There is an official list so make sure you research it before traveling.

Military Space A travel Destinations

You can go just about anywhere in the world where there is US Military presence. The most popular places I have noticed are Ramstein Air Force Base Germany, there are military planes leaving from Andrews Air Force Base to Germany somewhat frequently so there is a good chance to get on board. Destinations include Aviano Italy, Mindenhall England (I will be going), Rota Spain, Ramstein Germany, Puerto Rico.

Space A Travel schedule can be sometimes restricted because of security concerns so make sure you contact the Terminal to get more details on the times and availability.


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    • profile image

      mark 7 years ago

      when my 4 years is up in the marines i can no longer travel for free i would have to stay in and retire to be able to travel for free for life time?. and i can only bring wife and kids, not other family members?