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Spanish Galleon Andalucia

Updated on June 27, 2011

The Spanish Galleon Andalucia visited the beautiful island of bohol from October 23-26,2010. I was one of the fortunate people who saw it up close and even explored its decks and rooms. This ship is just a replica built to "reminisce" the trade path of the Spanish Galleon era..

Andalucia is a replica of the 17th century galleon ship from Spain that plied the Manila-Acapulco trade route, and is on a 3-day visit in Bohol for the celebration of "Dia del Galeon" or "Galleon Day" which aims on adding a new dimension to the galleon trade through highlighting the role of the Filipinos during the maritime trade period, as well as emphasizing indigenous art forms and heritage.

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Galleon Andalucia Travel History

Galeon Andalucia left the port of Sevilla, Spain in March 2010 and arrived in Shanghai, China in June 2010 for the World Expo 2010. It left Shanghai in September 2010 and arrived in Bohol on October 23, 2010 for its 3-day public viewing stay...

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Galeon Andalucia is the centerpiece of the Dia Del Galeon festival in the Philippines, which started on 21 September 2010. The festival is organized by the NCCA and the city government of Manila in commemoration of the 250 years of the Galleon Trade (1565-1815).

The Dia Del Galeon showcased an exchange of Spanish and Filipino culture, with exhibits, workshops, cultural performances, and educational discussions regarding the Galleon Trade.

More Andalucia Pictures

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    • isyan profile image

      isyan 7 years ago

      @jill: it is run by an engine maam jill, because if it rely on wind alone it would take years for it to travel the path of the galleon in spanish era..

      @chinieandarchie:su bienvenida. Me alegro de que podría mostrar a su familia. Espero que les guste

    • profile image

      chinieandarchie 7 years ago

      ola spaniol we hope you k today it is nice that we see it to my family motias gracias

    • profile image

      jill 7 years ago

      sir, this is a nice exposition of the ship; simple, brief and understandable. it's a nice experience though for Boholanos. one question sir, how is the ship run?are there machines inside,fuel or coal?