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Spontaneity: The Rebirth of Mini-Vacations

Updated on July 21, 2014
Destin, Florida
Destin, Florida

Vacation: To Vacate Your Current Location

Every person knows the need to go on a long vacation and escape the reality of their hectic life style. Vacations give us a break from our boring, routine-schedules, so we can spend time with our family and friends relaxing and celebrating life. As a student, I look forward to going on vacations so I can remember what sunlight feels like, seeing as my skin has grown accustomed to the fluorescent lighting of classrooms. Regardless of where you vacation and if an abundance of sunlight will be involved, it is important to travel and see the beautiful and entertaining places our country has to offer. While for most of us, taking extravagant vacations aren't exactly a luxury, there are several affordable options for taking a much needed vacation.

Your Vacation Style

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Introducing Mini-Vacations

Apart from being a student, the president of a growing organization at my university, and working a full-time job, I can't always coordinate a time to take a vacation for a full week. As soon as I got my diploma this past summer I was ready to get away and relax. As the weeks passed I became more restless and my desire for a change of scenery became unbearable.

While browsing some fantasy vacation spots online to places like Italy and France made me extremely familiar with the website TripAdvisor. This website allowed me to use my organization skills to plan out every detail of my dream trip. I could plan where to stay, how to travel, where to go while there, and I knew exactly how much it would cost me. So I decided why not use this amazing opportunity!

I quickly searched for vacation spots close to where I live. You would be surprised at how many attractions there are so close to home that you never even thought about doing! There are many national landmarks, parks, and amusement parks that are worth visiting, but we don't even considering giving them a try because they aren't in a ritzy location. Ultimately, if you looked, you would find many tourist spots fairly near your home location. Browse the internet and find out what those are, if you give them a chance, it could send you into a trip-planning frenzy like it did me.

The most efficient way to plan an amazing vacation!
The most efficient way to plan an amazing vacation! | Source

Planning the Mini-Vacation

In order to make the mini-vacation work, you have to figure out exactly how much time you will have to go on a mini vacation. For example, my boyfriend and I fixed our schedules so we both had Mondays and Tuesdays off together this summer. We were both home on Sunday evenings by 6:00 p.m. and he was the first to have to return to work on Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.. This gave us almost two and a-half days for vacation. Take a look at your schedule, and match it with your family or friends and figure out when you would have the most time to travel. This will allow you to decide how far you can go, how much time you will have to spend there, and when you would have to leave the location to make it home. The traveling details are a huge factor when determining your vacation location.

Our first vacation was to Destin, Florida. I had found a cheap rental car we could pick -up on Sunday, a cheap hotel to check into Sunday night, and a list of things we could do in the area. On Sunday morning we picked up the rental car and went to work. That evening we were packed and ready to go in an hour. We traveled from Kentucky to Florida in just nine hours.The spontaneous feeling of just packing-up and going made the thrill even better. It put a spark in our relationship and made us feel like crazy teens again. The mini-vacation had an amazing impact on our relationship. It helps you appreciate the other person by identifying similar interests that you share and it helps reassure the relationship when you can spend several hours in a car together.

In the two days that we spent in Destin, we managed to go snorkeling, swimming at the beach, parasailing, jet-skiing, shelling, went on a sunset dolphin cruise, went shopping, and ate at four new restaurants. Once we got home, the most we had spent all together in gas, on the rental car, the hotel, food, and activities was less than $500!

Things to Plan for a Mini-Vacation

Things to Plan
Tourist Season
Hotel Stay
Location in City
Remember these things while planning your Mini-Vacation!

Getting the Most from your Mini-Vacation

Some people just want to go on a vacation and not have a set schedule. They want to simply sleep and relax and do whatever they feel like once they wake. If that is the case, just get a hotel room in the next city over. However, if you really want to get out of your routine and actually feel like you have gotten away from it all, you need to make a plan or flexible schedule for your mini-vacation. You need to discover what the city has to offer. Find the sights to see, the shows to be entertained by, or the rides that you can enjoy. Find something that you have never done before, or don't have the opportunity to do in your hometown.

Our second mini-vacation consisted of a two day trip to Gatling, Tennessee. We managed to visit Ripley's Aquarium, ride the sky-lift, go white-water rafting, zip-lining in the mountains, cave exploring, and did an immense amount of shopping. The drive was about six hours round-trip, and we spent $400 all together. It was my first time in the city, my boyfriend had gone his whole life, and while we didn't exactly discover new things together, it was like I had my own personal tour guide. He even had an amazing time sharing his memories and knowledge of the place with me. Which is always another option, let a family member or friend take you to their hometown or a place they travel to often, it will still be new to you and a different experience.

The sky-lift in Gatlinburg lets you rise above the city to see how beautiful nature can really be.
The sky-lift in Gatlinburg lets you rise above the city to see how beautiful nature can really be. | Source

Make it Happen

Needless to say, it seemed like we were going on a new adventure every week. Our coworkers became extremely jealous of our adventures and kept track of us on facebook to see where we had gone to this week. They attempted to vicariously live through us and our ability to take-off on another mini-vacation. Of course, the expenses add up after a while so you can't travel every time you have a day off. However, you can make a plan. You can get excited about just packing a bag and going. You will feel exuberant at the idea that you are running away from it all. You will feel like a millionaire who actually has the ability to travel the country. All you have to do is make a plan.

Spending time with your loved ones is a vital part of living a healthy life, and making memories as you go makes it that much more precious. Take my advice and take time for yourself. Going on a vacation for just a day or two may seem crazy, and might not give the place your traveling to the time to show you all it has to offer, but it will get you out of that same old routine and back to being excited about being an adult!


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