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Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch Driving School near Las Vegas

Updated on March 24, 2011

Learn to race cars like professionals

If you're getting bored by the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip and need something really exciting to do, go out to Pahrump and learn how to race cars at a driving school at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. They've got a professional track and they've got some serious cars. For any speed junky, this is the experience of a lifetime.

In addition to driving schools, you can also rent the track if your wallet is deep enough or just hang out at Club Spring Mountain like you're some big shot celebrity racer ala Paul Newman or Steve McQueen. If you act like too much of a big shot they'll even try to sell you one of the racecars they have on the track, the Radical SR3, which can post Formula 3-like times around the track.

What kind of driving schools are available?

There are several cars that they stock at Spring Mountain and have driving schools for. The one that most people would be familiar with is the Chevrolet Corvette. Of course, this isn't a typical Corvette, it's the Corvette Z06 or the Z51, which have a lot more power. The Ron Fellows Performance Driving School will teach you how to push these Vettes to the limit, and I consider it an essential training school if you happen to privately own one of these cars (or the ZR1). You'll learn how to tame all those horses that were stuffed under the hood.

The Lotus Performance Driving School will have you driving the Lotus Elise. These cars are small and relatively affordable, but they offer amazing racing performance. The handling on a Lotus is legendary. I know a lot of young people own these Lotus Elise cars now, and this school will teach them how to drive them like a professional.

The Radical Racing School features the Radical SR3 racecar. Chances are you don't own one of these cars, because they are true racecars and are not street legal. This is an awesome performance car and this school is really for those who are serious about car racing.

If you actually want to get into racing seriously and are tired of just being a spectator, Spring Mountain is also a licensing facility for a SCCA license. The SCCA Racing School for Licensing will get you to the level you need to be to race with the Sports Car Club of America.

There are also private one day lessons for people who want to have a racing program customized to their needs.


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