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Sri Lanka Tour Guide from Lonely Planet

Updated on February 4, 2011

Lonely Planet Sri Lankan Guide at Amazon

Avoid tourist traps and embarrassing moment by being informed

There are many tour guides about Sri Lanka and in this article I will focus on the Sri Lankan tour guide by Lonely Planet, which is one of the most sold products related to Sri Lanka on Amazon. Sri Lanka is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia and there are so many beautiful places to see and so many great things to do. A two week vacation is not enough to explore all that Sri Lanka has to offer, but having said that you can't go on holiday forever. So if you are visiting Sri Lanka it is important to plan your visit before actually arriving in the island, because sometimes the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Also because you are a tourist and not familiar with the prices etc most people will try to take advantage of that and try to sell you things for a higher price. This book will help you avoid some common tourist mistakes as well.

Features of the Guide

Below are some of the information you will find inside the book.

  • A general introduction to the country - In the fist few sections you will learn a bit about the history of Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan culture, Food and drinks available in Sri Lanka And some general travel advice for the tourists.
  • Detailed introduction to various attractions - This is what I like most about the book, it is organized in such a way that you can easily plan your visit according to your preference. There is a separate section for ancient cities of Sri Lanka if you are history fan, most of the rest is divided according to different areas of the country, which is understandable since most tourists will not travel all around the country. One thing I would have liked is to have a separate section for Wildlife parks in Sri Lanka, since watching wildlife is one of the most popular activities among tourists.
  • Advice on places to stay and eat - Sri Lankan foods are spicy and it is a bit too much for some tourists. There is advice on places to eat, places to stay and unique cultural habits of the Sinhalese. Carefully reading this book before your visit will help you make your stay a pleasant one.
  • Elephant watching, Surfing, sun and sea bathing highlighted - These mentioned things are some of the most popular tourist activity in Sri Lanka and they provide you best places to go for Elephant watching, surfing and sunbathing in Sri Lanka.
  • Map of the island with important places highlighted - Although not a very detailed map this will help you in identifying key places to visit and gives you a rough idea about the distances

Some Advice for Tourists from Lonely Planet Sri Lankan guide

A section from the Lonely Planet Sri Lankan country guide
A section from the Lonely Planet Sri Lankan country guide

More Advice for tourists from the Guide

Sri Lankan travel guide by Lonely Planet
Sri Lankan travel guide by Lonely Planet


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