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St. Augustine Florida, Past and Present

Updated on September 27, 2015

Living History

The living history that is St Augustine, Florida ranges from documented ghostly encounters at the Old Jail, where guests can wander through the inmates cells and sheriff’s quarters to the history and storytelling experts of Gate City Productions, who dress up daily in period costumes to reenact dramas, interpret famous historical personalities and provide guided tours for visitors who appreciate both the “olden times” and theatre.

What makes this destination so exceptional is the rich history interwoven among the gorgeous architecture, numerous museums, moss covered trees and a list of landmarks. Combined with eclectic shops, multicultural dining, modern boutiques, and art galleries, St. Augustine offers an engaging experience beyond the ordinary.

The Old Town Trolley Tour is one of the “Top Ten” things to do in St. Augustine, as places of the past come to life while being narrated by your driver. The next best part is there are 20 stops along the way, where you can depart the trolley to explore, shop, dine, or get closer to an attraction and then hop right back on the next train that comes by. Running at approximate 15-20 minute intervals, you don’t have to wait long. Be sure to stroll down the infamous “St. George Street” where you’ll find countless treasures and food for every taste.

View of the Oldest City from the 72' Schooner, "Freedom"
View of the Oldest City from the 72' Schooner, "Freedom"

Take a leisurely ride in a horse drawn carriage through brick covered streets, transported back in time with the sound of the horse’s gait. Offering an authentic taste of colonial life, be prepared to take it slow and savor the view. You’ll get a great mix of past and present on this excursion. Oldest Carriage Co in America

A “Must Do” on your trip is a journey on the St Augustine Scenic Cruise that brings you a panorama of the city unlike any other. From the deck of the Victory III you’ll see the Lighthouse from the viewpoint of seafaring travelers, the majestic Bridge of Lions, natural, undisturbed marshes and if you’re lucky, bottlenose dolphins playing in the water.

Haunted History

Becoming more and more popular for thrill seekers, there are several Ghost Tours available. This isn’t your typical Halloween attraction, these tours are offered year round.

St. Augustine’s haunted history has been featured on The Today Show, The Sci-fi Channel and the Travel Channel. You can climb aboard the “Trolley of the Doomed”, set sail on the schooner “Freedom” or dare to travel the ghostly sites in “GhoSt Augustine’s” hearse. According to The Florida and National Register of Haunted Places, the “Old Jail” in St. Augustine is the most documented site for paranormal activity. But that’s not all, the cemeteries, pubs, the Lighthouse, even the Plaza holds spirits and otherworldly phenomenon.

Diehard paranormal investigator wannabe’s can spend several hours in some of these reported highly active places with qualified investigators and authentic equipment for an opportunity to experience a close encounter with the unexplained. What will you come into contact with?

St Augustine Lighthouse
St Augustine Lighthouse

Out Of The Ordinary History

St. Augustine is proudly home to not one, but two of the most remarkable experiences you can imagine – The Pirate and Treasure Museum and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. At the Pirate Museum, you’ll dive into hands-on interactive exhibits and authentic artifacts dating back to the 16th century. Go below deck for a Disney inspired sound chamber, hit the execution deck for pirate punishment and then revel in Hollywood’s movie magic of famous pirate’s. At Ripley’s, you’ll lose all sense of time as you become engrossed in each display of the strange, the outrageous, and the unbelievable of approximately 800 unique artifacts, artwork, and exhibits.

 Gorgeous beaches, fishing, boating and renowned golf courses are just a hop, skip and a jump away from the quaint streets where Spanish, French, British and American History are shared enthusiastically every day.

Vilano Beach
Vilano Beach

Really there Photos

Quick view of Flagler College
Quick view of Flagler College
The Old Senator - This Live Oak tree is supposed to be 600 years old - Magnificent
The Old Senator - This Live Oak tree is supposed to be 600 years old - Magnificent
The Little Red Trolley - Tours start at the Old Sugar Mill
The Little Red Trolley - Tours start at the Old Sugar Mill

Where Will You Go?


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    • Brande M. Eburn profile image

      Brande M. Eburn 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by. I love it too - We live close and enjoy the beaches all summer. Safe travels on your next journey!

    • SUSANJK profile image

      SUSANJK 6 years ago from Florida

      I love St. Augustine. I ususally drive from South Florida to New York, at least twice a year and always stop in St. Augustine.