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St Kilda Pier Melbourne - What to do and how to reach

Updated on December 18, 2011
St Kilda Pier sunset. Photo taken by me.
St Kilda Pier sunset. Photo taken by me. | Source

St Kilda is a suburb in Melbourne and a tourist hotspot and the St Kilda Pier is one of the major attractions. You can plan a romantic date with your partner, a family outing or a fun day out with friends at the St Kilda Pier. For tourists and locals alike, here is what you can do at St Kilda Pier, Melbourne.

History of St Kilda Pier

The St Kilda Pier is a historic spot in Melbourne. Originally constructed as a wooden jetty back in 1850s, the St Kilda helped settlers unloading wood and other materials from boats. It has been destroyed by numerous storms and has witnessed many renovations. Since the early 1900s, St Kilda Pier has been a major attraction for people to relax and have fun.

Eating at Little Blue, St Kilda Pier. A part of the Melbourne Skyline in the background.
Eating at Little Blue, St Kilda Pier. A part of the Melbourne Skyline in the background. | Source

Little Blue at St Kilda Pier Kiosk

If you can think of anything better than sharing a glass of wine with your partner on the edge of the St Kilda Pier while taking in views of the ocean, a glorious sunset on one side and the sun-kissed Melbourne skyline on the other, please let me know! Besides offering splendid views, Little Blue also boast of mouth watering delicacies of Wild Queensland Prawns, Gippsland Grass fed Scotch Fillet, Braised Lamb Shank, Tasmanian Rockling, Classic Beer Battered Fish and Chips, Calamari and much more. Making bookings already?

Functions at St Kilda Pier Kiosk

The St Kilda Pier Kiosk is a beautiful place to host a function. If you are travelling to Melbourne with a group of friends and want to host a function, there is no better place than the St Kilda Pier Kiosk. The guests can enjoy stunning views, sample exotic wines and feast on delicious food. I suggest that you check the weather forecast before planning a function at the St Kilda Pier Kiosk.

Little Penguins at St Kilda Pier

Beyond the St Kilda Pier is the little penguin colony which is active during the late hours of evening. As the sun sets, the little penguins come to nest and waddle around. Here's the truth. The viewing experience of these little penguins is not as great and glamorous as their larger counterparts, but what I love about this place is the openness and easy accessibility to this natural setting. You can witness little penguins and their nests from literally an arm's length. These penguins at St Kilda Pier are one of the smallest penguins in the world.

Fishing at St Kilda Pier

Fishing off the pier may not sound very exciting to you, but that's not the point at St Kilda Pier. On a nice sunny day, the St Kilda Pier is home to many locals who throng the pier to fish, chat and relax. You can spend hours interacting with the friendly locals. This can be a great family outing too.

Views of the St Kilda Yacht Club from the St Kilda Pier
Views of the St Kilda Yacht Club from the St Kilda Pier | Source

Spend time at St Kilda Pier

Besides the various activities that we talked about, St Kilda Pier is a great place to just sit down and relax with your partner or with your family. You can even plan a day out with your partner at the St Kilda Pier because the surroundings offer great places to go walking, cycling, jogging or in-line skating.

How to reach St Kilda Pier

Trains or Trams, Melbourne is known for its world renowned public transport system. St Kilda Pier is about 6 kms from Melbourne CBD and the best way to reach is by trams. Depending on which street you are in Melbourne CBD, the best way to reach St Kilda Pier is by taking one of the following trams

  • Tram 96 towards St Kilda Beach from Bourke Street

  • Tram 109 towards Port Melbourne from Collins Street

  • Tram 112 towards St Kilda from Collins Street

  • Tram 16 towards Kew via St Kilda Beach from Swanston Street

Best time to go to St Kilda Pier

Being one of the favorite places to visit for all tourists in Melbourne, any day is a perfect day to visit the St Kilda Pier. But if you want to make the most of your visit, make sure you visit the St Kilda Pier in the months of December-February as you can expect sunny days, warm weather and a relaxed atmosphere.

A music video shot at St Kilda Pier

For more exciting travel tips on Melbourne, please check out my other hubs at Princesswithapen on HubPages.


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    • princesswithapen profile image

      princesswithapen 6 years ago

      I'm glad they are. They deserve to be on that list.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Husky!


    • profile image

      Husky1970 6 years ago

      An absolutely awesome hub. St. Kilda Pier and Melbourne are now on my list of "must places to visit."

    • princesswithapen profile image

      princesswithapen 6 years ago

      You must! St Kilda Pier is a top tourist hot spot. If you like the thought of sun, sand, breathtaking views, some beer, wine and the ambience of a vibrant beach-side suburb, St Kilda Pier should be on top of your must-see places.

      Thanks for stopping by, 150Ideas.


    • 150Ideas profile image

      150Ideas 6 years ago

      Lovely. I'd love to visit there sometime.