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Stand Up Paddleboards For Sale

Updated on July 13, 2011

In more recent years a new trend on the water has arisen: paddleboards. More specifically it's been the rise of stand up paddle boards that has ignited a whole new hobby and sport. Similar to surfing (in that you're out on the water) but completely unique to itself, stand up paddleboards are great way to spend time, either alone or with someone else.

One of the biggest reasons why stand up surfboards are so popular is because of the great, intense, workout they can provide. There's nothing really like spending a couple hours on a lake, or ocean, and having to maintain balance, while rigorously working the arms and legs; it's a furious workout that many people swear is truly invigorating.

But you knew that - that's why you've found this article. You want to buy a stand up paddleboard for yourself; you're ready to fully experience the stand up paddle board adventure, the workout. Right?

The question that should be answered: What are the best stand up boards for sale? Are they Joe Bark paddleboards? Eaton paddleboards? What's the best paddle board for me?


Stand Up Paddleboards For Beginners

Let's first start with the assumption that you're a beginner paddleboarder (if that's a word) and are looking for the best best up paddleboard for beginners.  I'm sure you're a little hesitant in buying your first paddleboard; i mean, they are expensive products, and heavy investment.  Luckily there are many beginner paddleboards for sale that are cheaper than most, giving you the opportunity to learn the ropes before investing in anything more. 

My favorite stand up paddleboard for beginners?   The Bic Sports 8'4 Magnum fun board.  Built with a very durable polyethylene shell that is filled with polyurethane foam (think of a very thick mattress).   It's built under the guidelines of standard surfboard construction, so this paddleboard surfboard is built for all types of water - perfect for a new paddleboard surfer. 

Coming in a variety of colors, with a 2+1 box, you have one of the best paddleboards on the market, period. 

Stand Up Surfboards For Sale

Also known as stand up surfboards, paddleboards are a great way to test your surfing athletic ability - if you know what I mean.   The Sevylor Samoa stand up board does just that: built with strength, with a grippy top, this is one of the best paddleboards for any age. 

This is the definition of what a stand up paddleboard should be.  It has a 4 inch raised tip to prevent curling and improve control; as three removable fins for tracking; made of stainless steel; handles for carrying; it even include a high pressure pump to make sure the foam sides are always ready for the water.

Other Features Include:

  • Come in a array of colors.
  • Warranty.
  • Secure Cargo up to 10 pounds
  • Built in gliders.
  • Raised Top.
  • Built in carry handles.

As they say, this is closest you'll get to 'walking on water'. 

Stand Up Boards For Sale

Finally - the beast. This is, by far, the best paddle board one can find on the market. Why?


12 feet long.

Great for racing.

Great for workouts on any water.

Easy to paddle.

Very light; easy to transport.

By far one of the best paddleboard for sale anywhere.



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