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Staycation – The Art of Enjoying a Vacation at Home

Updated on July 28, 2013
Make a day out of a trip to the local farmer's market topped off with a fresh, home-cooked meal that night!
Make a day out of a trip to the local farmer's market topped off with a fresh, home-cooked meal that night!

Times are tough and money is tight but that doesn't mean that you have to skimp on a relaxing vacation during these summer months. You’re idea of a relaxing vacation might be an ocean side room, white sandy beaches, and a fruity cocktail in your hand but with airline ticket and gas prices raising and unemployment still high, the price of that dream vacation might seem a little daunting. However, you don’t need to cancel your planned vacation or work endless hours of overtime to have an amazing and budget friendly vacation close to home. Here are some easy and cost effective ideas to make your staycation a vacation to remember!


Although you may not be the avid outdoorsmen (or women), camping can be a great way to get away and relax from the general hustle and bustle of daily life. State and National forests or parks generally have campgrounds speckled throughout and are very affordable costing somewhere between $10 - $30 dollars generally per night depending on the amenities available at the campground. Make sure to do your research about the sites to make sure the grounds have the comforts that you need. Things to check for are: shower houses, flush toilets, electricity, and water facilities. Although these things aren't necessary to some people, others might find it nice to have some comforts of home available to them. To find a local campground near you, you can visit

Home Tourist

Have you always wanted to try that restaurant on the corner or go to that local museum or even just take a walk in the park? What better way to have a staycation then becoming a tourist in your own town? You may have lived in the same city for years or even a lifetime but have you actually set out and explored the town? Most likely the answer is no but even the smallest towns have some amazing sites to see whether they are in the city or in a neighboring community. Exploring can be a great way to get your entire family involved by having your kids pick some of the day trips you could take and then even taking some day trips by yourself or with your significant other. Make the days simple and stress free by having a planned day followed by a day at home. Some great ideas for simple day trips include the farmer's market, a beach day complete with a picnic lunch, nature centers, museums, antique shops, and local carnivals, county fairs or even state fairs. Make the staycation memorable by spending time with one another and enjoying the comforts of home. For information on events happening around your city, check out your local city event calendar or newspaper.

Ultimate Staycation

After a long winter and a stressful year, the best way to have a stress-free staycation is to just stay at home and enjoy doing nothing. Turn your cell phone off, unplug the computer and turn off the television and make a resort at home. The best thing about being on vacation is not having any worries and just relaxing but for a price. For not a lot of money, you can make your home into a tropical getaway.

Here is some easy ways to turn your backyard (or even apartment balcony) into your own tropical resort:

Tiki Torches ($10 - $15 each plus fuel) – Pretty and functional, these will keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay.

Lounge Chairs ($25 - $400) – Relaxing in the sun is the ultimate way to sweat the stress away. Not only will you get that vitamin D you have been lacking all winter, you’ll also get that sun kissed vacation look but as always, don’t forget the sunscreen ($5 - $15).

Cocktail Glasses ($1 - $25) – Now that you have your tiki torches lit and your lounge chair propped in the sun, a summery cocktail in a fun cocktail glass and a bendy straw is all you need to complete your Caribbean staycation. For an easy summer beverage, create your own Summertime Cocktail by combining lemonade, cranberry juice, and tonic water and if you want to spice it up a bit, just add a little vodka.

So for under a hundred dollars, you can enjoy yourself at home without the stresses and costs of traveling far from home.So if you were concerned about not being able to afford a summer vacation, never fear, a staycation is the best way to have a stress-fear and enjoyable vacation without breaking the bank.


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