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Staycations, Our Generation's Solution To Expensive Vacations

Updated on March 7, 2014

You may have heard about staycations but you may want to know what a staycation is. It is nothing but a vacation for which you do not leave your place of living. Therefore, a staycation does not involve traveling, packing or staying in expensive hotels. You can indulge in whatever activities you are interested in during your staycations.

You need not fix any limit for your staycation. You can have it for a day or for many days. This means that you can choose your week ends also for enjoying your staycation. You can experience new adventures or visit the museums, parks and many other spots of interest in the city, town or the surroundings in the place where you live. You can even use your staycations just for remaining at your home and catching up with the pending chores you have all along been postponing. You can make your kids happy by giving a face lift to their bedrooms. In short, you are not moving out of your place during your staycations. Since there will be a change in your routine, there can be fun as well as relaxation for which you need not spend huge money.

Let us look at some of the ways for having enjoyable staycations.

Staycations At Your Homes

There cannot be a better place to enjoy your staycation than your home. Do not fall into the trap of your routine if you want to have optimum fun. Many people commit the mistake of being "couch potatoes" or "mouse potatoes" (constantly browsing on the Internet) during their staycations. This cannot be fun. Instead, they can try new activities and have fun with their kids and family members.

Day Trips

You can plan day trips and visit the places of interest in your city or town. There may be a zoo, an old fort, a lake, a garden or a beach. There may be a number of other sites that you may not have visited at all though you have been staying in the same place for many years. You can go for swimming or boating or if there is hill near your place, you can even go for trekking. You can virtually go anywhere but not to the same old places you have been visiting daily.

How To Have Fun If You Choose To Stay At Your Home

You can try new recipes or if you do not want to spend your staycation in the kitchen, you can choose to splurge in a popular restaurant at your place.

Choose To Stay At Local Lodgings

If you feel that you cannot enjoy your staycations by remaining at your home, you can stay at a local lodge and go for sight-seeing. But the lodge you choose should have fun activities for you and your kids.

To summarize, the aim is to have complete relaxation during your staycations. Whether you stay at your home or choose to visit places, you should keep away from your usual drudgery.


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