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FILIPINO BACKPACKERS: Steps In Applying for a Cambodian Electronic Tourist Visa

Updated on September 16, 2016

Cambodian Visa

You can get a tourist visa in the Embassy of Cambodia in the country where you are present. You can also get it upon arrival at the border gates or international airports of Cambodia. The most useful and hassle free is the E-Visa online.

Sample of Cambodian Visa

Cambodian Visa Sticker (Left) and E-Visa (Right)
Cambodian Visa Sticker (Left) and E-Visa (Right) | Source

How to get a Cambodian E-Visa?

In applying for the E-Visa, you may visit the website below and fill out the form with the correct information written in your passport.

Kingdom of Cambodia - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The cost of the E-Visa which was effective last October 1, 2014, is US$37.00 (US$30.00 plus US$7.00 processing fee) paid through your credit card. But, in my experience with american passport holder husband we paid more than $37 through credit card. I am a Filipino passport holder so, I don't need a visa for myself. Then, after paying the fee you will receive a copy of your E-Visa through email in 3 working days. You will need to print a copy of this E-Visa. A Colored or a black and white is accepted. This will be your visa to show at any of the border gates of Cambodia where E-Visa is accepted. This E-visa allows only a single entry in Cambodia.

Note: You will need to upload a passport size photo of yourself to the said website.



A recent passport size photo in digital format (JPEG or PNG)

A valid credit card or master card

Countries not supported of E-Visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Arab Saudi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria (Please apply your Visa from your nearest embassy or on-arrival at all major checkpoints).

Cambodia border gate at Bavet through Bus trip from Vietnam

A markerBavet Svay Rieng Cambodia -
Bavet, Krong Bavet, Cambodia
get directions

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Who are exempted of a Cambodian Visa?

From the country of:

Brunei Darussalam - Visa exempted - not indicated how many days.

Indonesia - Visa exempted - 30 days.

Laos - Visa exempted - 30 days.

Philippines - Visa exempted - 21 days.

Singapore - Visa exempted - 30 days.

Thailand - Visa exempted - 14 days.

Vietnam - Visa exempted - 30 days.

Bulgaria - Visa exempted - not indicated if how many days.

Cuba - Visa not required when on mission only. - not indicated if how many days.

Hungary - Visa exempted - not indicated if how many days.

Malaysia - Visa exempted - 30 days.

Republic of Korea - Visa exempted - not indicated if how many days.

Peru - visa exempted - not indicated if how many days.

Russia - Visa not required when on mission only - not indicated.

Slovakia - Visa not required when on mission only - not indicated.

Passports issued by countries not listed above:

Visa is required - 30 days.


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