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Strange Places To Stay On Earth Hotels Inns and Hostels

Updated on May 13, 2010

A Taste Of Something Different

Are you adventurous? Do you have a keen eye for the obscure and a lust for things off the beaten path? These places located around the world just might be the kinds of places you'd like to stay on your next vacation getaway! They are full of exotic wonders and of obscurities... take a look for yourself and then the next time you book your hotel you may just want to jaunt down the names of these locations. Have fun!

Hotel De Glace Quebec Canada

Hotel De Glace Canada

Ever wondered what it must have been like for the rebel alliance in Star Wars living on Hoth the Ice Planet? Well here you can find out! Book one of 36 rooms complete with sauna, and hit the ice bar before you head out on your Taun-taun to hunt for Luke!

The Hotel De Glace is an ice hotel with over 36 rooms, this get away hosts saunas, ice bars and fun for all!

Ice Hotel Sweden

The Ice Hotel Sweden

Take a trip in luxury to the ice kingdom and stay in Swedens Ice Hotel. Here you can imagine yourself entering into a magical world of sculpted ice art, magical ice lighting, eating in the luxuriant ice dining room with royalty and then taking a grand adventure by sled over through countryside. What could be more grand?

Located in the land of the Midnight Sun the ice hotel is famous for its decor and luxury accommodations. It is host the ice bar, five star dining, amazing ice art, and the ice chapel for weddings!

Cockpit Hostel Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm Cockpit Hostel

If you've ever wanted to join the mile high club well this is the place to do it! Get a room in a converted Jumbo Jet at the Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm Sweden! You can romp the night away while listening to the jets take off at the airport and in the morning wake up to the view of Stockholm from the cabin of the jet!

Stay in this converted Jumbo Jet turned Hostel at the Stockholm Airport Sweden. This hostel has 25 rooms and 2 suites and the cockpit affords beautiful views of the airport. A must for travelers seeking the fun and interesting.

Jules Undersea Divers Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge

Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a hotel on the ocean floor? All those years of seeing sea-monkey ads just get your hopes up and make you daydream about under water cities, well give this place a go!

Jules Undersea Lodge Key Largo Florida
Once used to train astronaughts to live in space it is now a divers get
away where you have to dive to stay. This undersea hotel offers
Kitchenettes, a diving chef, and cable television.

Magic Mountain Fairy Tale Hotel

Magic Mountain Hotel Chile

Do you have a taste of those magical worlds of Tolkien or of the Harry Potter series, perhaps this magically themed hotel in Chile is the place for you!

Magic Mountain Hotel Panguipulli X Region Chile
A Fairy Tale Hotel with an Enchanted Forest Theme which lays inside
a working waterfall.

Utter Inn Aquarium Hotel

Utter Inn

Ever dreamed of being Captain Nemo in the Naughtalus submarine diving into the untold depths with just pane of glass between you and the giant squid? Well this place can at least give you a taste of that dream!

Utter Inn Vastras Sweden
Floating, Underwater Aquarium Hotel
Top of room is a floating platform and you desend into the
aquarium room below where you are surrounded by fish and underwater

Oil Rig Survival Capsule Netherlands

Oil Rig Survival Capsule Hotel Netherlands

Oh staying in an escape pod! All hand abandon ship, head for the escape pod... Oh the fun and adventure one could have in one of these snuggled up to their loved one. "Oh honey, I don't know if we'll ever be saved!" Spend the night and have fun in one of these two capsules.

Oil Rig Survival Capsule Hotel Den Haag Netherlands
Two Oil Rig Survival Capsules used as Hotel Rooms

Concrete Sewage Tube Rooms Austria

Concrete Sewage Tube Hotel

Oh nasty! Who would want to spend the night in a sewer pipe? Well at this hotel in Austria the homey type one or two person tubes are considered quite the deal. So they aren't made for those of us who are claustrophobic or germaphobic but hey I say if you are gunna recycle go for it and use what you got!

Das Park Hotel Ottensheim Austria
An amazing concept, Concrete Sewage Tube Hotel Rooms in Ottensheim Austria. Now this is recycling in a most peculiar way!


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    • gregory hub profile image

      gregory hub 7 years ago

      My favorite's the concrete tubes. So simple, I know, but I could totally get into that.