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Nepal2Thailand an Educational Experience

Updated on July 26, 2016

My wonderful classmates

Dream Come True!!!

I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am thirty-five years old and I have a three sisters and one brother. I am the oldest daughter in my family. I speak Newari, hindi as well as English. I also understand French but I cannot speak it fluently.

Ever since I can remember my family has been struggling. My family lived in a small house and did not have much money. My father worked in another city far away at a construction company. He worked very hard to provide for his family. My parents sent me to a government school because they could not afford to send me to a better school. I studied very hard and helped out at home as soon as my homework was finished every night. My life was very hard.

When my father was away working, my mother always have me moral support. She used to comfort me and say; "No matter what happens to us, do not worry and just stay focused on your studies because we are the responsible to keep you standing."

My mother clearly had the greatest impact on my life. Also, I have two friends that have also helped me a lot in my life. They have always believed that I can do anything and I can overcome all obstacles.

I realize that I am fortunate enough to have two best friends. One of them is a Swedish woman who used to live in Nepal and her name is Anna Fischer. The other is Sudesh Kurmar Shrestha, a Nepali man who has traveled the world and is running a very prosperous restaurant in Kathmandu. Their support and determination are something that I can only dream to have for myself one day. They are my biggest role models. They have always shown me that with determination and perseverance, one can accomplish anything.

Without them I would have never made it as far as I have today. I am very grateful to have them in my life.

But above all, my mother is the most important to me. Her strength throughout her battle against cancer has taught me so much.

In my opinion, the best thing I could have done for myself is to further my education. Studying away from my home and in Thailand was a very difficult decision for me. But I know that even though I miss my friends and family, I have made the right decision. Ultimately I decided to study in the great country of Thailand to improve my career.

I really enjoy studying here now, even though I was not so sure out it in the beginning. Now I am really glad to be here. The University has all the facilities a student could possibly need; a large library, Computer labs, pleasant classrooms, and a huge sports center. The Teachers are willing to help me and other international students. The class I am currently in a big enough to allow genuine interaction dynamic discussion between students. I am blessed and thankful to be here!

Study Thailand is one of the biggest and best decision I have made to further my higher education. Thailand is a very unique country as the country is so rich in culture. People come from all over the world to visit and take advantage of the wonderful scenery here in Thailand. Thailand was just rated the #1 most adventures country in the world by CN magazine. It’s a great honour to be apart of learning the hospitality side of what is known for the best tourism spot in all of Asia. Adventure is a meaning of going into the unknown. It’s doing something that you normally wouldn’t do without the support of your friends and family. People now a days tend to hide behind a computer screen or look at a picture and say, “I want to be apart of that”! It’s hard for people to actually say, “Yes, that what I want to do”! Leaving my home country of Nepal, I have taken the initiative to do those things and say that I want to make the most out of my opportunities that I set myself out for. I love my life and I love the places my decisions have guided me towards. With this unique experience and learning hospitality, I start to make own business some day and give back to the community and help to make someone else’s dreams a reality.

While studying in Thailand, I have still kept in contact with my friends back home in Nepal. I tell them all about Thailand and the wonderful experiences I'm having here. With education being so cheap and living so affordable, its very easy to talk and try and get people excited about furthering their own education. The cost of education in the world is getting more and more expensive, especially education in the USA. Thailand offers some of the best international colleges for a third of the price. With housing and food cost being so low it was the perfect place for me to further my education in the hospitality. This is a great place to study and I cant wait until I graduate and can use my degree to provide a better life for my family and I.

White Temple of Chang Rai


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