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Suitcase Secrets: 8 Great Travel Tips and Tricks

Updated on July 14, 2014

What to pack? Where are you going?

Your first priority when packing for a summer business or vacation excursion is considering where you are going. What kind of weather do you expect? What mode of transportation are you using? How long is your visit? What activities will you enjoy? Are you traveling to a foreign country? Once you have made a list of the items you need to take you can begin to think in terms of outfits and accessories for your trip.

Outfits over multiple garments

When packing practically choose outfits over multiple mismatched tops and bottoms. This takes time and pre planning but is well worth the effort. Coordinate your favorite shorts and tops but make sure they can be used to create other outfits with your wardrobe staples.

Neutrals with a pop of color.

In order to increase the number of outfits and clothing options for your vacation keep in mind you can never go wrong with neutral colors such as black, navy, khaki, and white. Add a pop of color such as a red t shirt, orange scarf or green sweater. Neutral colors always work. Neutral colored suites and dresses are always appropriate for business, casual or formal affairs. Classic colors are crisp, clean and modern.

Don't Forget Accessories

Scarves, neckties, small handbags. necklaces, and bracelets take up little space and can make a repeat outfit look totally new. Men and women can add a sassy straw fedora or favorite cap.

What's on your feet?

Follow the basic rule of shoe packing. Wear your heaviest shoes and pack the rest. Once again, pack shoes that are neutral in color such as black, brown and white. Neutral shoes will match with more outfits so you will not have to pack as many shoes resulting in a much lighter suitcase. Try to pack shoes that can cross over between dressy and casual, such as strappy sandals or leather loafers. Walking and sightseeing require a comfy pair of shoes.

Double Duty Items

Bring items that do double duty. At many tourist destinations you just need to add heels and a blouse to your hiking shorts and you look appropriate for a dinner out. A giant scarf doubles as a shawl on a chilly night or as a beach sarong. Men should bring along at least one sporty casual jacket for dinner or cool weather.

Resealable bags

Resealable bags are not just for airport security. You'll want to take them for wet clothes if packing in a rush from the beach or as insurance from a shampoo or body lotion luggage leak. Keep camera and cell phone accessories safe. Also keep in mind that that most hotels supply shampoo, conditioner and soap and many sell small sized bottles which help to keep spills and suitcase weight down. Ladies, keep the cosmetics, hair styling products, toiletries and curling irons to a minimum. A fresh face is always beautiful. You are on vacation to relax.

Where are you going?

Toss in a laundry bag

To keep your dirty clothes from mingling with the clean ones toss a little laundry bag into your suitcase.

Document Holder

Find a sporty or chic little pouch to store your passport, tickets, etc. Clear plastic sports lanyards work well. Enjoy more time doing what you love and worry less. Isn't that what we all want every time we travel?

Excellent Packing Tips and Tricks

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