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Sumeru Mantap: One of the Best Places in Bangalore

Updated on January 29, 2018
Sumeru Mantap
Sumeru Mantap | Source

My First Visit to Sumeru Mantap

It was the most beautiful experience of mine when I first visited Sumeru Mantap. A beautiful lotus shaped in pink and white colour on a small hilltop in the Art of living ashram Bangalore. I have also heard people calling it old ashram now. It’sa quiet place in between the trees where one can spot people meditating in serene beauty. I must confess also that it has very positive vibrations. Just by being there one feels very energized and refreshed.

At Sumeru Mantap
At Sumeru Mantap

What is special about this place?

So while I was admiring the beautiful architectural dynamics with imbibed sculptors of Hindu Gods like Shiva, Adishakti etc I just happened to look up in the ceiling and saw that in between every passage there was this astrological sun sign symbols. So the purpose of it was that people when meditate under their respective sun signs figure the effect of the meditations multiplies because its very scientifically build as sun rays falls on them according to its governed time by nature through out the year.

A story about this place

I was also lucky to meet an old man who is a regular visitor .He told me that it is believed that in the Hindu mythology Goddess Durga rested on this hill top after killing a demon called Mahishasur, he further added that many great sages have meditated here as well.I was just thinking deep inside how fortunate I was to be there.

Sumeru Mantap
Sumeru Mantap | Source

More about Sumeru Mantap

All this made me so curious that I now wanted to meet more people who could tell me how they have spend their time here. So they told me that way back in nineties they have spend their most beautiful moments with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji here, very fondly known as Guruji. This whole place used to vibrate with evening satsang and celebrations during those times.Guruji has also given very precious knowledge here to his devotees.

Enjoying the peace :)

Its captivating beauty and energy still enchants me. Coming back home from there was almost like coming back from the other world. So now whenever I get time I pick up my meditation mat and go there. It’s really a place to be.

Last time I went with my family to visit this place. This time we sat under our zodiac sign We all enjoyed it.

It had rained it was green and beautiful around Sumeru Mantap. So I could not stop clicking selfies. My son enjoyed playing on the lawns here. We enjoyed barefoot walk on the lawn.

On the Stairs of Sumeru Mantap

Visit to Sumeru Mantap was amazing
Visit to Sumeru Mantap was amazing | Source

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Places to Visit Around Sumeru Mantap

If you are in Bangalore and planning a trip to Sumeru Mantap, then plan it for one day. You can definitely go with your family and kids. There are lot of gardens, playing place for children and nice food.

There are some places like Vishalakshi Mantap (Meditation Hall), Annapurna (Dinning hall), Panchkarma Center (Ayurvedic Treatment Center & Spa), Radha Kunj (Beautiful garden), Guru Paduka Vanam (Open Amphi-Theater). You should not miss visit to Vishala Cafe.

These are beautiful places one can enjoy in a trip in Bangalore.

If you have more time you can explore other attractions like Pyramid Valley as well. Pyramid valley is around 10-15 km from Art of Living International Center towards Kanakpura.

Aerial View of The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore

Things to Do at Sumeru Mantap

  1. Meditation: This is the best place for you if you know how to meditate. Even if you don't know meditation you just sit for 10 minutes with eyes closed. You will enjoy the peace of mind. Spend some time with yourself from your busy schedule. Close eyes for 10-15 minutes and feel difference.
  2. Sing: Your mind will feel like singing here. Many a times there are satsangs (Spiritual music & mantras, songs etc.) You can be there for one and you can sing along, clap or dance. You need not know all the lyrics they sing catch the rhythm and your are through. Don't stop yourself if you feel like dancing.
  3. Bare footed Nature's walk: You can take some walks on the green lawns around Sumeru Mantap. That will help you refresh quickly.
  4. Paint: If you are artist you must give a try here as well. You definitely can get more creative here in fresh air. Beautiful gardens, lake, birds and peace here will bring up your creativity.
  5. Photography: If you are carrying a camera you must show your talent. There is lot of scope. You can click snaps of flowers, birds, people, Yogis, nature even dancing Monkey's will pose for your camera if you give them a chance. You will see lot of happy faces all around.
  6. Write poems: Nice energy here can open up this skill here & you might as well write some poems. Why don't give a try.
  7. Enjoy Organic Food: Most of the cafes here serve organic food. You can enjoy pure veg organic food here.

This place is really beautiful. Definitely your creativity will flow here.

How to Reach Sumeru Mantap?

Art of Living Ashram is around 21 km from Bangalore. You can reach here by public buses or cars. Parking facility for private vehicles is available.

Private vehicle:

This place is on Kanakapura Road. Road is in very good Condition so you can enjoy the ride. You can even come from Nice road (Ring Road) to avoid traffic.

By Bus:

If you are coming by bus you can take direct bus from Kempegowda Bus Stand direct.

You can get direct buses from KR Market as well at frequency of an hour. Ask for Ravi Shankar Ashram" bus stop.

You can get buses from Banshankari bus Stop as well.

Private Rented Taxis and Autos:

All taxi services from city like Ola cabs, Taxi for Sure, Uber come to this place. Even there are some Autos and private vehicles which can drop you here.

Sumeru Mantap


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