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Cheap Travel Ideas: Beach Vacations

Updated on February 9, 2013

Tybee Beach and Tybee Island

Tybee Beach on Tybee Island in the summer.
Tybee Beach on Tybee Island in the summer.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island off the coast of Georgia is a favorite beach in the Southeast among the locals due to its family atmosphere and quaint shops. It is not too commercial, however.The beach is also near Savannah, which has great historic homes, tours, shops, restaurants and attractions. I wish that I'd taken a horse and carriage ride in Savannah. Ah! Maybe next time. I had a great time in Savannah, Tybee Island and Tybee Beach.

For a tour, I suggest trying Olde Town Trolley Tours because you can get off stops and get back on, similar to taking a bus.

Savannah is about 300 miles from Atlanta; it's definitely worth the trip. Add in Tybee Beach and you have a nice little getaway planned.The late spring or early summer is the best time to visit this area, because the weather is usually milder (not too hot, and not too cool). Do not forget to check the weather report, and try to avoid visiting during rainy or unstable weather. I was once caught in a tornado one summer in Savannah. Showers were in the forecast, but I figured that the weather wouldn't be too bad.

Map of Tybee Island

Tybee Island:
Tybee Island, GA, USA

get directions

Packing for the Beach

When visiting the beach, make sure that you bring a beach bag that large enough for your essentials, yet easy to cary around. Vinyl bags are easy to brush the sand from. Cloth bags can be laundered. You decide.

Make a list of everything that you need before you go. If you are going out of town, please don't forget to pack your medication or medication that you think that you may need (headaches, medicine to relieve sunburn). It's easier to pack your stuff with you than to try to hunt for a drugstore while you are out of town.

Bring your sunblock with you. Don't pack it in a suitcase (if you are going away). You need to apply sunblock before you get out into the sun.

Beautiful Beaches

Haeundae Beach, South Korea
Haeundae Beach, South Korea
Koh Lanta, Thailand
Koh Lanta, Thailand
South Beach, Miami
South Beach, Miami

Great Reading for the Beach

Airfare for the Beach

If you book ahead, you can often find cheap flight tickets. As a travel writer, I know that cheap tickets can come in handy. I think that people who work for airlines and have travel perks are so lucky! They can travel for cheap or for free, in some cases. Some people save money on airline tickets by using frequent flier miles. You can also use miles that accumulate when you use your credit card. So, be on the lookout for those miles programs. The best time to book is probably during the winter months. During the spring and summer, everyone is trying to head out to the beach. So, when everyone is thinking about bundling up, book your flights. Of course, many people go to warmer areas in the winter. If that's your plan, try to book six months ahead of your planned trip. Flights are more expensive on and near the holidays.

Use an aggregator to book your tickets. Aggregators like compare ticket prices for several different airlines and itineraries, so you can choose the best price and itinerary for your trip. Do not forget to add in costs for extras. Some airlines charge for meals and extra luggage. You should also compare the prices from the actual airline and the aggregator itself, just in case the airline has a cheaper price on its site. Sometimes you have to decide if you really want to fly or drive to your destination. Flying is more convenient, because you will get to the beach sooner, but when you drive you can make stops and see some cool sights along the way. If you are a member of AAA you can get rental car discounts and hotel discounts, and the Roadside Service can get you out of a bind if you have car trouble along the way.

The Beach at Koh Lanta Thailand


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    • scraw profile image

      sean crawford 

      5 years ago from los angeles

      Hello, Im a beach fan, but do not care much for the ones on the east coast of the U.S. However, I intend to visit the beaches in Thailand. Phuket seems to be the best choice.

    • LPinky profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks Claudine you have given us great ideas for afordable vacationing.


    • profile image

      Soza! Cape Town Tours 

      9 years ago

      Great Hub. Cape Town is also a ideal place for a beach holiday and very avordable. To get there might be a bit pricy but the sightseeing and touring is some of the best in the world.

    • Claudine Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      Claudine Williams 

      10 years ago from Atlanta

      You are so welcome! I really do enjoy this beach.

    • Wehzo profile image

      Nathaniel Stalling Jr 

      10 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Thank you Claudine for sharing this hub. I was not aware of this impressing vacation spot. I will have to visit at the first opportunity.

      God Bless


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