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Summer Cool Spot #2 - Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina

Updated on August 3, 2011
view from parking area
view from parking area
view from swimming/wading area
view from swimming/wading area
view looking downstream
view looking downstream

From Sliding Rock To Looking Glass Falls

In my last hub, I wrote about Sliding Rock which is located in Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, North Carolina. I opined on what a family friendly, happy place it was. Well, guess what? When you get done at Sliding Rock, you can slide on down the road to Looking Glass Falls. It too is located on Highway 276 just a few miles below Sliding Rock and it is also another great family friendly place to beat the summer heat.

Looking Glass Creek is the source of the water for Looking Glass Falls. There is a pool at the bottom of the falls that is deep enough to wade in or do some shallow swimming in. You can also stand in the shallower water away from the falls and enjoy a cooling mist that blows downstream. The further you move from the falls, the shallower the water becomes making that area good for wading and enjoying the natural surroundings. The view downstream is quite nice as well. The falls are accessible by steps and even though there are quite a few steps, it is not a difficult trek down to the falls or back up for that matter. Parking is limited. There are very few parking spaces and many people park along the road so you will need to be very careful if you have small children with you. There are no changing facilities or restrooms.

A few words of caution - if you decide to stand under the falls, the water comes down with enough force to cause discomfort to bare skin. Also, the rocks under the falls are slippery and plentiful. Losing your footing could result in serious injury or worse. And remember, do not dive into the pool below the falls. It really is not very deep at all. So, just be careful! Park rangers and lifeguards are not present at this location or at least they have not been there when I have.

This is a nice waterfall to visit. It's close to other attractions, close to Brevard and close to the road. It's beautiful to look at and the surrounding area below the falls is fun to explore. It is not Niagara Falls but it is still an impressive waterfall. Best of all, it is another place in western North Carolina to beat the summer heat!


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